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Paul Klee’s Graphic Work. These beams have the curves of any complexity is equal to the other as the wave extends from the front to the back next to where you lose ground, and each “wave” has a different height. Das Zentrum Paul Klee präsentiert seine Besucherzahlen 2013 Igor Strawinsky (1882-1971) / C.F. There was a very nice exhibit of Klee and his friends when we visited. – Su, The comprehensive presentation is complemented by a selection of his early pencil drawings, representatives of his so-called ‘bread art’, as well as documentary material from the everyday life at the institution and the artist’s sparse communications. Dieses Museum empfängt Sie in folgenden Sprachen: D/F/I/E His most important creations include his writings, collected in 45 notebooks and illustrated with drawings. Paul Klee. Dichter und Denker PHASE III, Sommerausstellung «Paul Klee … sichtbar machen!», Neue Chefkuratorin und Leiterin Abteilung Sammlung, Ausstellungen, Forschung im Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Geschäftsbericht 2016 des Kunstmuseum Bern und des Zentrum Paul Klee. Es bietet ein interdisziplinäres, künstlerisches und kulturelles Angebot: Kindermuseum, Musik, Theater, multimediale Kommunikationszone ("Museumsstrasse"), Landschaftsskulptur, Skulpturenpark und Gastronomie. Empfehlung EMF: Das Museum wurde vom European Museum Forum ausgezeichnet.. Mitglied VMS: Das Museum ist Mitglied beim Verband der Museen der Schweiz. What is the meaning of community and what forms does it take? Ways to Experience Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Historic Sites, Science Museums, History Museums, Architectural Buildings, Sacred & Religious Sites, Lookouts. 21.05.2021 Hanna Bekker vom Rath, a pioneer of modernism, Satire - Irony - Grotesque. For the first time, using works by the artist as well as private documents and objects, this exhibition will critically illuminate the many diverse sources that strengthened Klee in his artistic quest for supposedly ‘unspoiled immediacy’. The Zentrum Paul Klee is a museum dedicated to the artist Paul Klee, located in Bern, Switzerland and designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. All events and guided tours are also cancelled. The collection is very, very extensive with many styles and is joyful. Klee observes people and their activities with ironic detachment, almost with a ‘zoological eye’. Life as a journey: the exhibition gives an overview of Paul Klee’s work using the different stages of his life and travels. Die 7 Todsünden von Dürer bis Nauman, Neuer Stiftungsratspräsident Zentrum Paul Klee, Opening of the Exhibition «Paul Klee. Das Zentrum Paul Klee präsentiert seine Besucherzahlen 2013 Igor Strawinsky (1882-1971) / C.F. I was disappointed by the fact pet are not allowed into the museum and it was not indicated on the web site. Das Zentrum Paul Klee präsentiert weihnachtliche Vorfreuden, Opening Between Brücke and Blauer Reiter. Daumier, Ensor, Feininger, Klee, Kubin, Ausstellungseröffnung Preziosen und Raritäten von Paul Klee, Medienmitteilung Geschäftsbericht 2012 der Stiftung Zentrum Paul Klee, Medienmitteilung Lutz & Guggisberg Kunstinstallation Erweiterungsbau, Meisterkonzert - Sonderkonzert Francesco Tristano, piano & electronics, Ausstellungseröffnung Klee und Jawlensky – Eine Künstlerfreundschaft, Exhibition opening From Japonism to Zen. Der auch als Musiker, Pädagoge und Dichter wirkende Klee zählt heute zu den bedeutendsten Künstlern des 20. Mehr Digitales Angebot In terms of Bauhaus ideas he wanted to make a contribution to a better society through his work. The art contained within make the visit very pleasurable. In accordance with the order of the Canton of Bern to stem the spread of the corona virus, we have closed our museum until 7 December 2020. 22.08.2021, Su, Paul Klee and the Far East, Engere Zusammenarbeit Kunstmuseum Bern und Zentrum Paul Klee, Paul Klee – Pictorial Formation and Pictorial Creation, Eröffnung Ausstellung Meister Klee! Things to do near Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Instagrammable Places of Bern with a Local, Best Introduction Tour of Bern with a Local, Ask biosafety-guy about Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Ask Geraldjrobertson about Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Ask Teresa1009 about Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Wonderful collection of works of Paul Klee, Ask frtravler about Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Ask ilyab814 about Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Ask pisolo1609 about Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Bern, Hotels near Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Hotels near Cathedral at Munsterplatz / St. Vincent (Munster Kirche), Hotels near Federal Building (Bundeshaus), Hotels near Einstein House (Einsteinhaus), Hotels near Bernisches Historisches Museum - Einstein Museum, Hotels near Child Eater Fountain (Kindlifresserbrunnen), Hotels near Bernaqua | Water Park | Fitness | Wellness, Cathedral at Munsterplatz / St. Vincent (Munster Kirche), Bernisches Historisches Museum - Einstein Museum, Child Eater Fountain (Kindlifresserbrunnen), Rose Garden (Rosengarten): Tickets & Tours‎, Cathedral at Munsterplatz / St. Vincent (Munster Kirche): Tickets & Tours‎, Clock Tower - Zytglogge: Tickets & Tours‎, Bernisches Historisches Museum - Einstein Museum: Tickets & Tours‎, Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center): Tickets & Tours‎, Federal Building (Bundeshaus): Tickets & Tours‎, Museum of Communication: Tickets & Tours‎, Museum of Natural History of Bern: Tickets & Tours‎, Einstein House (Einsteinhaus): Tickets & Tours‎, Swiss Capital City Helicopter Sightseeing Tour. 22.08.2021, Fr, more. Klee, Chaplin, Sonderegger, The Revolution is dead Long live the Revolution, Chinese Whispers Recent Art from the Sigg und M+ Sigg Collections, Der Baum und ich Meine persönliche Baumgeschichte, Catherine Gfeller VILLE DE RÊVES – STADT DER TRÄUME, Catherine Gfeller SECRET DU SAC À MAIN – HANDTASCHENGEHEIMNIS, Catherine Gfeller RADIO ZPK. Präsentiert werden Wechselausstellungen zum kulturgeschichtlichen und künstlerischen Umfeld Paul Klees sowie seine folgenreiche Wirkungsgeschichte bis ins 21. Paul Klee. Mit dem Digitorial® bestens vorbereitet in die Ausstellung «Mapping Klee» vom 05.09.20 – 24.01.21 im Zentrum Paul Klee und online in Klees Universum eintauchen. 24.09.2021 Box3001 Bern Phone +41 31 359 01 01Fax +41 31 359 01 02, Founded by Maurice E. and Martha Müller and the heirs of Paul Klee, Immerse yourself in Klee's universe online now with the Digitorial® for the "Mapping Klee" exhibition 05.09.20 - 24.01.21, Ausschreibung Neuvermietung Villa Schöngrün / Gastronomie, Departure without Destination. Natur Kultur Agrikultur Fruchtland Multitalent und Multikultur, Sollte alles denn gewusst sein? – Die Autorin verarbeitet in diesem Klassiker die Ereignisse des Sommers 1935, den sie in einem Hochtal des iranischen Elburs-Gebirges verbrachte. Max Bill – painter, sculptor, architect and Swiss design icon. Der chinesische Traum und die Gesellschaft, Detailorganisation bereit für die Umsetzung, Chinese Whispers. Media in category "Zentrum Paul Klee" The following 200 files are in this category, out of 260 total. The design of the Zentrum Paul Klee is characterized by the structure of corrugated steel deck. It shows a mutual artistic influences - found it quite interesting. It shows places where Klee lived, worked or sought artistic inspiration. from private collections contributed to creating a very large collection of works by the artist. Biographie von Charles Linsmayer, 2008, 214 Seiten, Hardcover, in Deutsch, ISBN 978-3-85717-239-7, CHF 28.50, Von Annemarie Schwarzenbach. EXPANSION FIELD, Lesung Milena Moser liest aus Das wahre Leben, EXHIBITION Paul Klee. 2. [1] Additional works and documents donated and loaned by the family and the Paul-Klee-Foundation and a further 200 on loans. Born in Münchenbuchsee near Bern, Klee spent most of his life in Switzerland. Space Nature Architecture, Geschäftsbericht 2013 der Stiftung Zentrum Paul Klee, DOPPELLESUNG Jonas Lüscher und Amor Ben Hamida, Meisterkonzert Emmanuel Pahud, Flöte, & Eric Le Sage, Klavier, LESUNG Arno Camenisch liest aus «Fred und Franz», EXHIBITION OPENING The journey to Tunisia.

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