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Verbs like Gustar This is a good time to discuss the verb “gustar” because using it requires use of the IO pronouns. 0000010466 00000 n Here are some examples of indirect object pronouns in English, with the IOP written in bold: They gave the present to her/ They gave her the present. The next thing to take note of is that the verbs agree with what is being liked. We are used to saying the subject of the verb + like/likes + what the subject likes, and the same with love: subject of the verb + love/loves + what the subject loves. Nos gustan los libros .....We like the books. Fill in the blanks with the correct indirect object pronoun (me, �^��p����ǟ��Wn2+C�7���R�+l!���{k�A�V�}j|�������T�8I �]'����*�#�61�@��,?1�!L�(�$R���U��Ȏܳw7ķ@���6��!,��� �R�� Ϣ5eC��-�+���02 An indirect object pronoun (me, te, le, nos, os, les) always precedes the verb, and the verb endings always agree with the thing that is liked or disliked. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Subordinate Clause Worksheets are used to help managers, supervisors and team leaders organize their projects and determine the order of work. �фȸԊN���ē�v` ��� �@����^�� .z�"$�Wz��őt�!n�/.�ި����}�bA�O띴��!މNj�P��Iv�j#5Lj-㜪��9��ʣ��\���b`�@�6L'–���v�xC�RN��_6�p�R����nRO��s����E��_P��]�w��R[�Bq�奿0�O��Uco9H��Fv3Z�VO��-��>�5R� 0000005322 00000 n Worksheet by Lucas Kaufmann. Previous to speaking about Verbs Like Gustar Worksheet Pdf, please be aware that Schooling is the crucial for a greater tomorrow, and understanding doesn’t only quit the moment the education bell rings. In English we say "I like coffee ". These worksheets provide instant analysis and many times come with specific information about how to interpret the d... (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Punnett Square Practice Problems Worksheet, Free Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheets for 3rd Grade, Life Skills Worksheets for Recovering Addicts, Free 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Multiple Choice, An Organized Table Worksheet Due Answer Key, Energy Worksheet 2 Conduction Convection and Radiation Answer Key, Rome Engineering An Empire Worksheet Answers, Chinese Character Stroke order Worksheet Generator. Read the following sentences. 0000001506 00000 n – Working with a series of dilutions and dispersions to get an overview on how the process works. 0000012156 00000 n How would you say ‘They like the books’? Hopefully these examples give you a good base understanding of how to go about using ‘gustar’ and ‘encantar’ in simple sentences. 0000005345 00000 n Since it is ‘I’, we are going to use the I form of the indirect object pronoun me, The verb being used is ‘like’, so we know we are going to need ‘gustar’. Verbs Like Gustar Worksheet Pdf or Spanish Worksheets Printables. When teaching at the university level, you will often use graphing data worksheets. Printable Version: Download this PDF version of the most common verbs like gustar to use as a study reference. We’ll start with the simplest example. This is the key to a number of reactions, such as making bicarbonate monoxide and dichloromethane, which can be used in many different types of homemade products. Here are some of the things that we will go over in this review: – Working with inorganic compounds and the complex organic compounds. This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 7 pages. A MÍ A NOSOTROS A TI A VOSOTROS A ÉL A ELLA A USTED A ELLOS A ELLAS A USTEDES You can use these with gustar, no gustar, or encantar. Now let’s look at a different example. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Creating a Domain Range and End Behavior Worksheet is a quick and easy way to track the behavior of domain names over time. ( Log Out /  If you have recently received a Cell Review Worksheet from your business' accounting department and you want to use it or not, you need to decide if you want to take the chance. 0000055034 00000 n It is plural so we need the third person plural of ‘gustar’ , How do we say ‘the books’? 0000002042 00000 n Download by size:Handphone Tablet Desktop (Original Size). Emphasis and Clarity: If you want to either emphasize or clarify who likes, loves, or does not like something, add the following to the beginning of the sentence. So, when we put this all together we get: The sentence that we used at the beginning for ‘They like the chairs’ was formed in the exact same way: Les gustan las sillas. Le interesan los carros Cars interest him (or her, or you-Usted) Nos aburre la clase de matemáticas. This is the key to a number of reactions, such as making bicarbonate monoxide and dichloromethane, which can be used in many different types of homemade products. Me gustan las verduras. ‘El libro’ is the singular, and so ‘los libros’ is the plural . • When someone likes to do something, gustar + infi nitive is used. ( Log Out /  Verbs like Gustar Gustar, encantar and interesar are used to talk about what people like, love or are interested in. 0000016477 00000 n Gustar is a very unique Spanish verb. Both verbs are regular -AR verbs, and most of the time we will be using only the third person singular or the third person plural of each verb i.e. This is the key to a number of reactions, such as making bicarbonate monoxide and dichloromethane, which can be used in many different types of homemade products. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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