treasury board collective agreements

Voice mail: 613-241-4396 12.01 Subject to clause 12.02 below, the following days shall be designated paid holidays for employees: For greater certainty, employees who do not work on a designated paid holiday are entitled to seven decimal five (7.5) hours’ pay at the straight-time rate. 35.03 All directives, as amended from time to time by National Joint Council recommendation and which have been approved by the Treasury Board of Canada, form part of this collective agreement. This MOA replaces the prior Employee Wellness MOA previously signed. 23.01 The parties have agreed that in cases where as a result of technological change the services of an employee are no longer required beyond a specified date because of lack of work or the discontinuance of a function, the workforce adjustment agreement in Appendix “B” will apply. The Voluntary Departure Program supports employees in leaving the public service when placed in affected status prior to entering a selection of employees for retention or Layoff (SERLO) process, and does not apply if the deputy head can provide a guarantee of a reasonable job offer (GRJO) to affected employees in the work unit. The total domestic violence leave with pay which may be granted under this article shall not exceed seventy-five (75) hours in a fiscal year. Up to three decimal seven five (3.75) hours of reasonable time off with pay will be granted to pregnant employees for the purpose of attending routine medical appointments. Group: Foreign Service, Expiry date: June 30, 2022, Agreement Between the Treasury Board and The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers 6.01 Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as an abridgement or restriction of an employee’s constitutional rights or of any right expressly conferred in an act of the Parliament of Canada. its approval of the reference of the grievance to adjudication. Subject to operational requirements as determined by the Employer and with an advance notice of at least five (5) working days, the employee shall be granted, in each fiscal year, seven decimal five (7.5) hours of leave with pay for reasons of a personal nature. 21.01 The Employer shall reimburse an employee for the employee’s payment of membership or registration fees to an organization or governing body when the payment of such fees is a requirement for the continuation of the performance of the duties of the employee’s position. Under the Employment Insurance (EI) benefits plan, parental allowance is payable under two options, either: Once an employee elects the standard or extended parental benefits and the weekly benefit top-up allowance is set, the decision is irrevocable and shall not be changed should the employee return to work at an earlier date than that originally scheduled. 1.1.16 Appointment of surplus employees to alternative positions, whether with or without retraining, shall normally be at a level equivalent to that previously held by the employee, but this does not preclude appointment to a lower level. A payment under section 6.4 may not be combined with a payment under the other section. the kilometric rate normally paid by the Employer where the employee travels by means of their own automobile; out-of-pocket expense for other means of commercial transportation. Create an account, COVID-19 Update from the President of PAFSO for November 20, 2020, REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS // Analysis of the Full-Time President Pilot (FTPP), COVID-19 Update from the President of PAFSO for October 30, 2020, COVID-19 Update from the President of PAFSO for October 16, 2020, COVID-19 Update from the President of PAFSO for October 2, 2020. Committee meetings shall normally be held on the Employer’s premises during working hours. When a day designated as a paid holiday under clause 12.01 above coincides with an employee’s day of rest, the holiday shall be moved to the employee’s first (1st) normal working day following his day of rest. Employees with banked sick leave in excess of twenty-six (26) weeks, will be entitled to carry over those excess days to provide extended coverage at one hundred per cent (100%) income replacement prior to accessing LTD; internal case management and return-to-work services focused on supporting employees when ill or injured; an employee on EWSP will be considered to be on leave with pay; full costs of administering the EWSP to be borne by Employer; increase the quantum of family related leave by one (1) day. Public Service Commission “Guide to the Priority Information Management System”. Payment shall be in one instalment per year, and shall be at his or her daily rate of pay as calculated from the classification prescribed in his or her certificate of appointment of his or her substantive position on March 31 of the applicable previous vacation year. For travel by private means of transportation, the normal time as determined by the Employer, to proceed from the employee’s place of residence or workplace, as applicable, direct to the employee’s destination and, upon the employee’s return, direct back to the employee’s residence or workplace. The Employer agrees to accept the unused vacation leave credits up to a maximum of two hundred and sixty-two decimal five (262.5) hours of an employee who resigns from an organization listed in FAA Schedule V in order to take a position with the Employer if the transferring employee is eligible and has chosen to have these credits transferred. 6.3.1 All departments or organizations must participate in the alternation process. In order to benefit from an exchange of knowledge and experience, an employee shall have the opportunity on occasion to attend conferences and conventions which are related to his field of specialization, subject to operational constraints. Where operational requirements permit, in cases of complaints made to the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board pursuant to section 190(1) of the FPSLRA alleging a breach of sections 157, 186(1)(a), 186(1)(b), 186(2)(a)(i), 186(2)(b), 187, 188(a) or 189(1) of the FPSLRA, the Employer will grant leave with pay: 30.02 Applications for certification, representations and interventions with respect to applications for certification.

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