top 20 smartest dogs

I have a basenji, and they didn’t make the list which seems silly if you’ve ever met a basenji. But this large Spaniel breed is a lot smarter than it acts. However, there are many dog breeds known for high adaptive intelligence, such as Cocker Spaniels, Shiba Inus, Golden Retrievers, Poodles and many more. 11. 63. Ah but we love them all, brilliant or not so much. Yet, we do it. But because these rankings were based on obedience/command tests, it’s more likely that the Beagle’s amazing nose and sense of smell may have been a huge distraction during these tests. Don’t worry if your pup’s breed doesn’t make the list, having a smart dog may not be as much fun as you’d think. They could be outside the top 100 list. But like we explained, this does not mean your dog is “dumb.”. Let us study the traits of the 20 smartest dog breeds: 1. Welsh Terrier – The Welsh Terrier is spirited and alert dogs. Yorkshire Terrier – The Yorkshire is small, but bold and courageous. Irish Setter – These dogs make great companion dogs due to their independent, yet affectionate nature. It was pandemonium. The top two smartest dog breeds on this list. They’re friendly, kind and entertaining – all the best qualities of a terrier. 39. This dog breeds list is slightly different from what I’ve seen. The top dogs absorbed commands in less … These stoic pups are well known for their use as police dogs and as guard dogs. You should change your entry to reflect that! Some dogs are particularly adept at solving puzzles but aren’t so great at listening to commands. The Australian Cattle Dog is one of the premier herding dogs to hail from Australia. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to These dogs are all learning from experience. Cody was especially adept at opening kennels and was observant enough to know when he wasn’t locked in. Flat-Coated Retriever – The Flat-coated Retriever is always happy and optimistic. They are very loyal, intelligent, affectionate, but active at the same time. Anyone else have a miniature schnauzer? Those dogs may be recognized by the JKC, but not the AKC or CKC. Needless to say, Labs are the perfect companion dogs. jb, good luck! Cardigan Welsh Corgi – Like the Pembroke, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is highly intelligent. Impulse Control – Without the ability to control one’s impulses, even the smartest dog would not be able to act on the thoughts they had without getting in their own way. two American Cocker Spaniel – Quiet and friendly, the Cocker Spaniel is an affectionate dog thats good with kids. 65. If they didn’t perform like a champ, don’t worry, having a super-smart dog may be more trouble than it’s worth. 51. Australian Silky Terrier – These terriers are alert and full of joy. 96. It always seems like they know whats going on. Staffordshire Bull Terrier – These Bull Terriers are bold and reliable dogs. Newfoundland – The Newfoundlands are dogs that are big gentle giants. The 100 smartest dog breeds list featured in this article was based solely on obedience and work intelligence. 40. And also pomranian is smarter than husky?? In my opinion, this may be the most important aspect of dog IQ. 29. Of course, the average owner will get a puppy because they want a companion, not a coworker. Howw??? Its funny. Should be pretty smart still. Who would have guessed? 72. nice list, but i did not see a west island terrier on here and they are said to be some of the smartest dogs. 46. Most doggy IQ rankings are done using a combination of three separate intelligence measures: Breeds who show high ability in all three of these categories are ranked higher than others. With that said, the Japanese Spitz wasn’t included in Coren’s trials. Put a handful of kibble in the carton, give it to your dog and watch them. See mixed dog breeds here. However, they’re much more than just excellent herding dogs. They’re actually very reserved and gentle dogs. Every dog has an instinctive intelligence, but it is senseless to make comparisons across breeds as to which are smarter in this respect—their abilities are simply too different to compare. I’ve owned a lot of dogs and my Shiba Inu was by far the smartest…at least that’s how it felt. What about the cane corso? These smart dogs are high in energy and obedient. Belgian Malinois – The Malinois is an extremely hyper dog. But what if you have a Poodle and Border Collie mix? Unfortunately, Coren did not rank the Beagle in the top 100 smartest dogs list. Some are rock stars and some are riding the short bus ……………… So what i’m trying to say how big of a sample of each breed and what training criteria did he have in place. When she was finished I told her, “Bring me your dish.” She picked the paper plate up, brought it to me, and dropped it at my feet.

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