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Chesapeake Business Finance Corp., 4606 Wedgewood Blvd., Frederick, MD 21703, Mid-Atlantic Business Finance Company, 1410 Crain Highway, Ste. The low 10 percent down payment is the big attraction of this program. The remainder 10% will have to be paid as down payment by the borrower, which is comparatively lower than standard commercial real estate mortgage terms. How the Debt Service Coverage Ratio Requirement Affects Commercial Property, Pandemic has made CRE Buyer & Seller Drifted Apart on Pricing, Lending Ratios Used in Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Lending. Acquisition of new property or refinance of existing property, Ground up construction and property improvements, Can include working capital, new equipment, and closing costs, One loan for many of your business’ needs. are the best choice to purchase that next building, office space, warehouse, or A few popular SBA commercial real estate mortgages are SBA 504 and the 7(a) loan. Acquisition of land and existing building. Because of the lower down payment required and the ability to finance the soft costs, the small business will realize upfront cash savings of approximately $100,000 on a $1 million project. Last three (3) years of Business Tax returns (for each borrowing entity and or affiliate) If the current year business tax return has not been filed, please provide a year-end financial statement for the business. Maturities of 10 or 20 years are available. Loan Fund. As experienced commercial real estate lenders, we understand all types of businesses — and the needs of their owners. 1st Five Yrs: 2.435%; Note Rate: 1.070% SBA 7(a) small business loans are commercial real estate loans that are fully-amortized over 20 or 25 years. Start your business in 10 steps. This is very attractive for business owned properties, because most conventional commercial real estate loans have a loan term of only five to ten years. Under the SBA 504 Loan Program, Florida First SBA 504 loans are available up to $14 million, with terms up to 20 years, and at interest rates that are lower than those offered by … A 504 loan may be used to purchase fixed assets such as: land and improvements, including owner-occupied buildings, grading, street improvements, utilities, parking lots and landscaping; construction of new facilities, or to modernize, renovate or convert existing facilities; or to purchase long-term machinery and equipment with a useful life of at least 10 years. Must be 51% owner occupied to qualify. 504 loans are for 10 or 20 years. This means that a CDC can work with you to put together financing for a $10 million project with the bank providing a $5 million first mortgage with a SBA 504 debenture of $4 million, and only 10 percent equity. required to provide SBA Form 1919 and SBA Form 912, in addition to other Online, streamlined application accepted by all of the most aggressive SBA lenders for competitive interest rates and a 95% success rate. To qualify for the desired amount, owners must meet the SBA’s definition of a small industry. Interest rates on 504 loans are pegged to an increment above the current market rate for five-year and ten-year U.S. Treasury issues. Eligible Property Types- Office, Industrial, Retail, Self-Storage, Hotels, Auto Repair, Car Dealerships, Day Care, Gas Stations and more. The SBA CDC/504 loan has the best rates, as compared to other mortgages. They also must show proof of over two years in business and a history of profitability. Here is a brief summary table highlighting some of the similarities and differences of SBA 7(a) loans vs. SBA 504 loans vs. conventional loans. Learn More about COVID-19 updates, FNB's relief programs, the CARES Act, SBA Disaster Loan assistance, and our branch hours/closures. If you are looking for loans to finance the purchase, renovation, or improvement of any commercial property or real estate, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is your best bet. (NOTE: SBA loan amounts only; These loans are typically used for land acquisition, business development, or construction on commercial properties. © 2020, Inc. a California Corporation. This is  very attractive for business owned properties, because most conventional commercial real estate loans have a loan term of only five to ten years. The blended rate between the lender portion and the SBA’s 504 portion makes the project very affordable, particularly for small businesses. Interest rates are equivalent to favorable bond market rates. Most businesses would be eligible for this loan program. (Ordinarily, banks require a 20 to 30 percent down payment on the purchase price.). Soft costs like architectural and legal fees, environmental studies, appraisals, and interest and fees on the construction and/or interim bank financing can also be rolled into the loan. The borrower may form a real estate holding company that leases 100% to the operating business, which then subleases surplus space (up to 49%). Even with fees and closing costs included in the rate, the 504 program offers a low fixed rate for a subordinate mortgage loan. The rate on the 504 loan is fixed for the life of the loan and is set when the CDC sells the bond to fund the loan. This senior loan is usually for a 10-year term at a fixed or variable rate, depending on the relationship with the lender. Under the SBA 504 Loan Program, Florida First Capital works with private-sector lenders to provide small businesses in Florida and Alabama and South Georgia dba First Capital Finance with below-market, fixed interest rate, long-term financing for the purchase of capital assets, such as owner-occupied commercial real estate and/or fixed heavy duty machinery and equipment. Existing Buildings – Business must occupy at least 51% of the project within one year of ownership. Commercial Real Estate Obtaining income-producing property for your business can be achieved through an SBA commercial real estate loan. There are prepayment penalties in case the mortgage is paid off in the first half of the tenure. The debenture is backed by a 100 percent SBA-guaranty. Call us (317) 589-0118 for questions or contact us to for an SBA Business Loan application. It is possible to require even less from the business if a city, town or the state trying to attract businesses to their community is willing to provide a small piece of the financing in a subordinate position. However, you can’t use this loan for 25-Year Fixed Rate Refinance: 2.593% The average net income should be less than USD 5 million after taxes for the previous two years. We offer solution oriented service in order to get deals to the finish line. Business owners who require capital to purchase high-value assets can either opt for the CDC/504 or SBA 7(a) loan program to address their commercial real estate needs. understands the challenges unique to small businesses. With maximum rates in the range of 3.67% to 10.00%, SBA loans are often the least expensive way to fund the purchase of commercial real estate. 20-Year Fixed Rate Refinance: 2.566% A few MEDICAL FINANCING SPECIAL: 100% FINANCING FOR MEDICAL, DENTAL, …

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