retinal detachment silicone oil recovery

Tavares RL, Nóbrega MJ, Nóbrega FA, et al. It’s foggy….my Doc said, I might neet to go thru another surgery after 3 or 4 months for replacing my lens. Should I do the vitrectomy oil placement? Regardless, pupil symmetry is not very “important” when compared to retinal detachment. The oil had stabilized his retina until now and his intraocular pressure was under control. In all, 73.3% (n=11) in the gas group achieved a final vision of 6/12 or better, compared to 36.7% (n=18) in the oil group (P=0.031). Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. No results. Currently have silicon oil in the eye and want to know if the double vision will improve with time. 14. Would it be better to have the operation locally to avoid the elevation difference? NLM I’ll defer to your own doctor’s wisdom. Could the retina detach again after the oil is removed. Oil changes the refractive error (the power of your glasses). This eye also suffers from a quickly maturing cataract. Eur J Ophthalmol. 5. Have my wife drive as I am in tremendous pain. The surgeon will then remove the vitreous to alleviate the tugging on the retina that caused the detachment. Abu El-Asrar AM, Al-Bishi SM, Kangave D. Outcome of temporary silicone oil tamponade in complex rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. 2. Can I ask what is the best approach when scar tissues start forming at the bottom of the eye after a vitrectomy surgery involving silicone oil? Randall V. Wong, M.D. A metal probe is used to introduce the cold into the proper area of the eye. What is average recovery time after the silicon oil removal. This usually does the trick. Silicone oil is used for recurrent retinal detachments or complicated retinal detachments including PVR (proliferative vitreoretinopathy). Light bounces off the gas bubble inside your eye and can significantly reduce your vision. My husband is not a whimp. He had surgery again with oil and now the Dr. at 10 weeks says he has scar tissue that is tenting. People who take certain medications may need to temporarily stop them before this procedure. My eye Dr. attached my retina to scar tissue twice and it detached both times. Subgroup analysis of fovea-sparing RDs (Silicone Oil n=49, Gas n=15) revealed visual loss (≥2 Snellen Lines of vision) in 49.0% (n=24) of patients managed with oil compared to 13.3% (n=2) of gas patients (P=0.019). Perhaps if this has been suggested then the oil is actually in contact with the cornea. My usual plan would be to laser your retina in prep for the oil removal., Hello Doctor NVISION will determine eligibility for first responders and restrictions may apply. Fasting for approximately 12 hours before is also common. Your doc should be able to sort this out. If you were my patient, one option would be to leave the oil indefinitely and monitor frequently for complications. Usually the oil stays behind the iris and poses no problem whatsoever to the cornea. There is a small risk of the retina … People usually go home the same day following a brief period in recovery. Multiple variable linear regression determined tamponade choice as the only variable predictive of final visual acuity (P=0.046).ConclusionEyes with fovea-sparing GRT-related RDs managed with gas achieved a better visual outcome with fewer postoperative complications and no significant difference in anatomical success. Since the silicone oil is not absorbed, it stays large enough to always cover the holes. Maggie. I would be happy if I got 20/50 vision again and not expecting 20/20. None. Retina dr injects me in eye few more times since may 2014 with voricanozale and amphotericn b. the surgeon did have difficulty with the placing the lens and it took a lot longer than i was told but the retina is still attached. Thank you again Section Editor Albert Augustin, MD I am nearsighted had LASIK twice in my left eye and was rearended a month before this tear. Complications Associated with the Use of Expandable Gases in Vitrectomy. (Learn More), Vitrectomy may be done with or without silicone. Perhaps too much oil? Post visit to my surgeon and you are spot on! I was put back on multiple eye drops to control pressure and surgery is scheduled to take oil out. 2008;145(3):527-533. hi doctor Wong Hello again Dr Wong, bad they done another surgery to move blood. I also wonder if there is too much oil causing some the corneal damage (another question for the corneal person). When to Find Treatment, Signs of infection around the eye, such as redness, swelling, or pain that is getting worse, Any new visual field changes, such as flashes, lights, or floaters, A retinal detachment that is not repaired and recurs, Scar-like process on the retina that causes another detachment, Detached choroid, which is below the retina, Scar formation under or on the retina that increases the risk of a second detached retina. Medical News Today. The doctor will provide full instructions regarding how to prepare for this procedure. It involves removing the vitreous and any other tissue that is pulling on the retina. Any other way to stop this other than cleaning out? If there is an extensive detachment or multiple tears, the doctor may encircle the eye, creating a scleral buckle. These will eventually absorb the natural fluid and fill the space. I had no new scarring apparent after the one-month exam. Retina Specialist also does lattice degeneration in my good eye mean that i will get a detachment on that one. After having silicone oil for over eight months, it was removed on 3rd January. In my opinion, flying with or without silicone oil should not matter. Would having that repaired effect the retina or be a high risk factor in another detachment? Randy. 2. I don’t know, you’d need to ask him/her for the specific reasons. 1. Thus, the retina can detach again. Ref flying, the advice I have been given is it is ok to fly long haul with the oil, do you see any issue in flying regularly whilst it is in? eCollection 2020. Recovery. Gas volume, however, responds to great changes in atmospheric pressure and is usually a contraindication to flying. I personally hate removing oil due to the possibility of recurrent retinal detachment. 1999;128(5):628-631. i did an operation for retinal detachment in 2009 july with silicon oil.and still today i have,nt removed the oil.last week i started to see greenish and blue things with the eye and also a little bit of bubbles .does it mean the retina is off again?pls help as i am worried. In Nov last year flying into LAX on my way home to Thailand developed my second detachment in 6 years in same eye – left eye – not being able to stay in LA for a month and wanting to fly home I elected to have oil put in my eye. Moreover, if i stay out in the bright day light for sometime everything becomes dark inside room and takes 8 to 10 hours to recover. Very concerned as my job is Hgv driver,and my medical is coming up. Dear Dr I have found some inner peace from finally finding your blog. surgery to rmove blood and put a band around the retina then thurs. I can’t see any thing with my left eye. April 17 – went to local ER bc could not walk and was weak. removed the band and wash the eye out again. Is is safe to return to work with the oil in my eye and do computer work? Repeated operations can be mentally straining and can be a hardship on the patient and family. We are now confused and worried. Lyssek-Boroń A, Krysik K, Jankowska-Szmul J, Grabarek BO, Osuch M, Kijonka M, Dobrowolski D. Med Sci Monit. Hospital doctors completely take me off prednisone and methotrexate From this day my vision starts to worsen day by day till Mid March when I can no longer see. Until yesterday, I was actually capable of seeing faces and counting fingers with my left eye, even without a lens. Please let me know… They used gas and a sclera buckle to repair. I have had my eye checked and I do not have any infections to date, just redness due to all the surgeries, some cornea damage and pain. After the second time they said I did not position myself correctly (face down) and it lifted with fluid seeping under the retina. Fairfax, Va. is just outside of Washington DC! Flew longhaul shortly after. No difference was observed in eventual or primary anatomical success rate (100 vs 93.9%, and 66.7 vs 79.6%, gas vs oil, respectively, (P>0.1)). On the other hand, I don’t know if the herpetic infection involved the cornea….probably not. 1. 2. 2013;13:77. Randy This site needs JavaScript to work properly. Glare is there in sunshine but contrast sensitivity is very poor. This makes it highly unlikely that a redetachment can occur. I’ll know in 2-4 weeks if it will work. I did retinal detachment surgery and cataract in the same time before 3 years (28/08/2010) by silicone oil, then after four months the oil removed (25/12/2010), but there were still some small bubbles of oil in the eye the eye was good around 17mmHg but after one year the pressure of my eye increased around 24mmHg and some doctors told me maybe due to the oil bubbles i am using now COSPOT drops and the eye pressure become normal around 17mmHg …

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