refill sofa cushions

Tie cording around each corner to create the depth of the cushion. We are the replacement cushions specialists! 3 replies 10.7K views macman Forumite. Before And After . Sew a new bag for filler. You might prefer to use a seam ripper rather than scissors to open the seam on the pillow. Spruce up your home economically when you put more filling the sofa and couch pillows. If the filler is loose, as foam chips may be, place a wide-mouthed bag under the seam and continue opening it, catching the loose filler in the bag. Clean the empty pillow cover by soaking it gently in a pan of cool water. If the filling is cotton, the condition should be uniform without wadding. She also earned an Associate in business management and second Associate in computer information systems from Bevill State Community College. Replacing the filler in the cushions is an effective way to rejuvenate the piece. Measure the side-to-side distance, or width, of each cushion. Be sure to have a good mixture of filling. Getting into the attached cushions is the first step in rejuvenating the sofa. Replacement Cushions to bring your sofa back to life! Clip the seam thread of the pillow with your sharp-to-tip scissors. This will permit easy removal of the filling. Turn it inside out and press, then turn it right side out and press. From this, the most common density is 1.8; these sofa cushions are moderately priced and can last anywhere from 3 … Use only one type of filling in the pillow. Cushions that are attached to the frame, called semi-attached cushions by the upholstery industry, can present the DIY-er with a problem if she doesn't know an upholsterer's secret: unless the cushions are tufted, there is a simple way into these cushions. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. If you can't find a seam that looks like a filling seam, simply choose any seam to unfasten. If the filling is foam, the condition should be spongy without dust breaking off. Record these measurements. Once you have chosen your cushion type input the overall measurements and choose a shape. Check for a zipper or easy-open flap on your pillow. The foam chips, filler and sheet foam available in craft stores are light-duty and are meant for decorative use only. Cut the length as long as the cushion, plus the depth, plus 1 inch. With right sides together, sew all around the perimeter of the bag with a 1/2-inch seam, leaving a 6-inch opening for inserting the filler. Our top-of-the-line fill choice, Optimal Fill includes standard foam, Memory Foam gel, and batting, all enclosed in a water-resistant liner from Hanes®. Loose fabric will wear quicker than fabric on a firm pillow. Examine the contents of the pillow for condition. She also writes a biweekly newspaper column, "Design Dilemmas," in the "Lakeshore News" and has been published in "Design and Drapery Pro" magazine. Sofa Cushions Need Refilling? It is firm and holds its shape. Better, more consistent, results are achieved if you do not mix old and new filler. Pack with filling until the pillow feels tight. Read full details on our Deluxe Foam fill, Read full details on our Optimal Comfort fill. Wadding or deterioration indicates a need to empty the contents of the pillow and discard. This will cause your pillow not to be uniform. Cut the fabric for this bag as wide as the cushion, plus the depth, plus 1 inch for seams. Try to recognize the original filling seam, often indicated by a hand stitch. Spray foam chips with a static-removal spray to keep static at bay while the new covers are being filled. Spruce up your home economically when you put more filling the sofa and couch pillows. Try to recognize the original filling seam, often indicated by a hand stitch. Layers of CumuPlush™ batting are added to the top and bottom our foam fill for added indoor elegance and comfort. Fill the cover with new filler to the desired fullness. Stitch the opening closed. The advanced home-sewer can then approach this project with confidence that the end result will be as she envisions. So only the (100%) feather/down filling (which I kept) had deteriorated. Get accurate measurements of your existing sofa cushion covers. Measure the depth, or thickness, of each cushion. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. She holds a grant writing certificate from North Georgia College and State University. Turn the bag right side out. If there is no zipper or flap, examine the pillow cover. If there is no zipper or flap, examine the pillow cover. Gather one corner into your hand, the tip of the corner pointed up and wind a piece of cord around the gathered corner, down from the tip of the corner at a spot that is equal to half the depth of the cushion. Lay it flat for drying. Read full details on our Deluxe Foam fill. Mix new cotton filling (or foam rubber filling) with the old filler by placing both in the pillow case. Every cushion must have a way for the upholsterer to insert the filler, typically this is a zipper closure in the bottom seam of the cushion. Take care not to clip any of the fabric. These two simple step can be completed in minutes and you’re on the way to breathe new life back into your sofa & chairs. Turn the raw edges to the inside, and hand stitch the opening closed using a straight stitch. Keep clipping the seam until one side of the pillow is opened. Buy now, pay over time | financing available 800-510-8325 M-F 8:30am-7pm EST So the cushions did fit the sofa beautifully before the new foam was inserted. This was an excellent sofa that was in our living room for 30 years--hence not sat upon very often. Erlam is a graduate of the Sheffield School of Interior Design and is a practicing interior decorator and drapery workroom operator. Prepare the pillow. Top Tip for Sofa & Chair Cushion Cover Replacement. Buy now, pay over time | As a University of Alabama graduate, she holds a Masters in rehabilitation counseling and a Bachelor in psychology with an emphasis in child development. Sagging and worn sofa pillows can make your home look uninviting. Purchase filler from an upholsterer or drapery construction workroom. Linda Erlam started writing educational manuals in 1979. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker. How To Measure. Jennifer Terry is program director for TriCounty Agency for Intellectual Disabilities. 3521 Wetumpka Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36110-2717. financing available. Do not simply add filling by putting in on top of the existing filling. Step 1. Read full details on our Optimal Comfort fill. Begin filling the corners first. Weigh each cushion to ensure equal fullness. This breakdown and wadding is what causes the pillow fabric to become loose. If the filler is one piece, or enclosed in a fabric bag, continue opening the seam and remove it. They are not suitable for upholstery. It may have a hook and loop tape closure, or the seam may be hand-stitched. Sofa and couch pillows are so versatile that we keep using them year after year, but the foam filling in some pillows can break down, and cotton filling can wad. If the filling is in good condition empty, the pillow and save the filling for refilling. Stay connected by following us for the latest news and exclusive offers. Replacement cushions and covers are a cost effective way to bring comfort, style and life back into an old sofa or armchair.

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