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AER Amps-we are now an AUTHORIZED DEALER, Thanks to everyone for continuing to Consistently rated in the top 5% of acoustics in national and international publications competing with guitars 2 and 3 times its price, yet costs 50% less since you’re buying direct from the builder. GODIN SALE Many Guitars and Basses ON SALE until Saturday! Our original hand made guitar we’ve been building for 32 years that competes with guitars 3 times its price, the 50 Series has all the prerequisites of the traditional acoustic guitar. If you want the look, feel and sound of a high dollar acoustic with 50% easier playability, this is the best guitar we offer. Develop the skills of a luthier and build an acoustic, flattop guitar from scratch! 100% money back guarantee, lifetime warranty. GODIN A 6 Ultra $799 They say the Easy Play Parlor has 30-50% easier playability and sound is slightly richer and deeper. Many great instruments 1974 Vintage GIBSON SG-wow, so nice Clevinger 5 string Black Pearl Gloss EASTWOOD Delta 6 P 90 Resonator only $399 Please wear a mask, Customers have been asking Mr. Zager to build this instrument for such a long time that he finally gave in and designed what many are calling the best acoustic on the market today. Wed, Thu, Fri: 11:00-6:00 Eastern FENDER 1973 Super Reverb Silverface 4 10" $1,300 Hamer - Harmony - Heritage - FODERA BASS ALEMBIC Bass on amps or what? Open Regular hours Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week. Support your country. Here you can register, log in, purchase and download Robert’s online video courses. MARSHALL MG 412 cabinet only $199 We're passionate about guitars - making them, fixing them, customising them and sharing what we know. We are now OPEN INSIDE THE STORE. Students will, in the course of this program, build a guitar from rough materials and follow through to a completed instrument. YAMAHA SBG 500 (Carlos Santana) Compared regularly to Martin D18 and Taylor 5 Series, but with easier playability and a lower price since you’re buying direct from the builder. Easy Play ZAD900 Solid Spruce/Rosewood Acoustic & Electric Pro Series, Easy Play ZAD80 Solid Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic & Electric Pro Series, Easy Play ZAD50 Series Solid Spruce/Mahogany Acoustic & Electric, Easy Play ZAD20 Series Solid Spruce/Mahogany Acoustic & Electric, Easy Play 38″ Parlor Size Solid Mahogany Acoustic & Electric, Easy Play 36″ Travel Size Solid Mahogany Acoustic & Electric, Beginner, first time player recommendation (video), International, Alaska, Hawaii, APO orders. Monitors $9 In our 2-Week (10 day) Electric Guitar Building Course, you will establish a solid foundation for guitar building as either a hobbyist or as a full-time luthier. Amp Repair Tech needed. Luthier David Freeman runs one of the most comprehensive lutherie training schools in Canada. If you’re looking for your last guitar you can pass onto your children this is our #1 model. GK - Gretsch - Guild - The basic tools you need to start your next project. Professionall Set Up to play their best. 1976 OVATION 12 string acoustic electric $800, 1977 FENDER Mustang $1,500 Over 60 left-handed guitars and basses in stock! Open by appointment, Nihon-go ga chotto 1960's BABY BASS AMPEG from Linden NJ Please call. GUITAR, BASS and UKULELE LESSONS---We have 3 Teachers-All styles. Acoustic OPEN MIC AMPS, BANJOS, UKES, MANDOLINS ", Visit the Timeless Instruments website for detailed course description. A P-Style Bass and S-Style Electric are also in the pipeline so keep+ Read More, Not content to just make guitars, we’ve been busy developing some new tools and jigs that drastically improve the guitar-making experience. KUSTOM and IBANEZ AUTHORIZED DEALER Custom Guitars & Repairs - Guitar Making Course. We have over 600 instruments in stock. EGNATER Tweeker 15 and cabinet Fender - Gibson - David also offers specialized courses in The Buzz Feiten Tuning System and a new Soundboard Design Workshop co-taught with Sheldon Schwartz. We are offering in person lessons at the store and also zoom lessons. See our Specials page for great sales! We haven't forgotten about you! All Specials are cash only, no layaway. Shipped direct from Denny’s hands to yours. Students will be familiarized with the luthier's tools, their safe use and proper maintenance. for new KUSTOM and IBANEZ AMPS and EFFECTS. 1971 GIBSON ES 175 $4,000 by category, in alphabetical order. Why are more pro guitarists choosing Zager hand made guitars over Martin, Taylor, Fender and Gibson? In this course, you’ll learn to build either a Tele- or Strat-style electric guitar by traditional methods and head home with an instrument you have made! Select Series – An Affordable Way To Get Into Guitar Building, Gift of Music “Fire and Rain” Guitar Raffle. 1-3PM we can order anything! Martin - McInturff - Ovation - PRS - Peavey Rickenbacker - SWR - Taylor - Washburn - Yamaha, Get started for only $139/Nylon or $159/Steel. Other courses include in-depth study of resonator, arched-top, and electric guitars, mandolins, and more. REGAL DOBRO $499 "BASS GUY" brand BASS STRINGS IN STOCK BLACKSTAR ID:60TVP Effects Amp It outlines in detail what is and what is not allowed. Amplifiers - Effects & Accessories - Odds & Ends - Directions - About Us, 1961 FENDER Precision Bass Pro our pro refin $5,800, 1963 GRETSCH model 6125 Anniversary $2,300, 1973 FENDER Tele Deluxe black $3,400, 1974 RICKENBACKER 4001 bass jet glo $2,800, 1979 FENDER Antigua Strat hardtail $1,800, 1970's UNIVOX , Goldtop LP Black LP $499 each, 1980 GIBSON Les Paul custom color walnut $3,500. MUSIC SCHOOL NEWS TRY ONE LESSON-ONLY $34 We are offering in person lessons at the store and also zoom lessons. 1993 Rickenbacker 4003, MapleGlo only 3 people at a time and please only ask to try what you 1969 GIBSON EB1 Bass Sorry, we can not restring any guitar that is need of repair. In This Course You Will Learn: Guitar Physics – How the guitar … TAYLOR GS Mini Bass acoustic electric Develop the skills of a luthier and build an acoustic, flattop guitar from scratch! I am sure by now you have all seen on Facebook that For these folks I will continue to bring things to your car, deliver Aria - Breedlove - Carvin - Citron - Curbow (US) - Dean - Hamer -, Ken Smith - Kramer - recommend us to your family and friends. and many more... PA mixer: 6 channel 1960's AMPEG BABY BASS $2900 Guitar & bass amps, heads and cabs starting at $15 each. + Read More, We are often asked if we can accommodate people who can’t make it to a regular weekly class. ZAD900CE Full Size Acoustic Electric 50th Anniversary, ZAD900CE Full Size Acoustic Electric 12 String, ZAD80CE "AURA" Full Size Acoustic Electric, ZAD50CE African Mahogany Full Size Acoustic Electric, ZAD50CE Vintage Sunburst Full Size Acoustic Electric, ZAD20E Solid Spruce Full Size Acoustic Electric, Specifications and materials are subject to change at any time. UPDATE Our flagship guitar. For 2020 Mr. Zager added a more detailed ivory zipper stripe binding and installed the new 2020 Fishman Presys II electronics system to make this guitar truly special. AUTHORIZED DEALERS for SADOWSKY NYC BASSES-now in stock - Acoustic/Upright, Lefties If you have been feeling a little lost when trying to adjust your guitar, or maybe you even want to understand how you guitar works, and how to improve the guitars you build or play; then this is the course for you! Our graduates range from hobbyists to professional custom builders, to repairmen, to road techs. 250 watts $16. If you enjoy the deep rich bass that’s common in rosewood guitars, a solid cedar top takes it to the next level providing a very mellow, sweet response. Our basic no frills guitar that Mr. Zager designed to go head to head with $1000+ models. NG-3 4 string South Thames College is one of only a few colleges in the UK that offers this course, and you learn skills that … TAKAMINE Martin D18 copy, 1984, Japan Don't buy junk! In April 2018, I attended a one month guitar building course with luthier Pablo Requena in Malaga. All NEW, USED and VINTAGE Instruments are Our most recent development is this vacuum bridge clamp that eliminates the need for conventional clamps through the soundhole, awkward internal cauls, and the risks these pose to your instrument.

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