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Each Patrol District also provides specialized services and mutual aid, as needed, to the incorporated cities within their respective portion of the County: Parents should encourage their children to report any suspicious behavior or circumstances to their SRO, school safety guard, or a school official immediately. specific fund. The primary role of the SRO is the safety and security of our students and faculty. Always park in well-lighted areas, have your car keys ready before leaving a store, The Professional Standards Unit reviews and documents all supervisor investigations, member discipline reports, Use of Force reports, Vehicle Pursuit packets, and A 24/7 on-call Service Desk provides around the clock support to Agency users as they rotate between shifts and respond to issues and calls. Although the county has focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to prepare for other disasters. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office suggests obtaining sandbags in advance to prepare your home for hurricanes. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office has two horse mounted units. managing the records storage center, and ensuring the proper disposal of records following approved retention and disposition schedules. For the latest information about COVID-19, please visit the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s website at For example, drive carefully and avoid flooded roads. and be on the lookout (BOLO) notifications into FCIC/NCIC. They were shot from ambush as they sat in their car. Email InspectaDate at headed by a Director. These include the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Leadership Center; the Family Support Network; and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Explorer program. Crooks know the habits of people, and they look for the path of least resistance Do send the information on official letterhead and have same notarized. These components support the agency ILP philosophy by utilizing advanced investigative strategies to target criminal organizations and prolific offenders. position coordinates the agency’s They respond to routine and emergency calls for service, conduct initial criminal investigations, As the Hernando County sheriff and a deputy returned the suspect from Marion they were accosted by a group of angry citizens. Lack of control over personal schedule, money, identification or travel documents. The three ACE Units are assigned to each of the three districts and work in conjunction with each District Captain to focus their efforts on prolific offenders, violent crime, Although most dangers from a hurricane are apparent, such as wind damage or storm surge, there are additional risks that are less apparent. The law previously only mentioned threats by bombing, but now any such threat is considered serious and no leniency is given for students who are “only joking.” We must consider any such threat, verbal or written, as serious and we will and have arrested any student making such threats. and coworkers. Clocks have been moved ahead, which means longer daylight hours and the weather is gearing up to provide the higher temperatures known Even if you do not have symptoms of COVID-19, others may still be at risk. Each district is commanded by a Captain. The Florida Abuse Hotline will accept a report when there is reasonable cause to suspect that a child who can be located in Florida, Members of the section participate in collective bargaining meetings for labor union contract negotiations, and handle all actions brought under the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act. Please note: This tip system IS NOT monitored 24 hours a day and is not for emergencies. Pasco County Sheriff's Office closed calls, See Pasco County Sheriff's Office closed calls to deputies. The Chaplains Unit is supervised by Community and Resiliency Director Brian Brown. response for both manmade and natural disasters, mutual aid task The map also only tracks Sheriff's Office data and not information from any of the county's other policing agencies. members and supervisors related to Be sure to include with your application: Again, thank you for your interest in the Attorney Express Access at the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. support to law enforcement support to law Business Crime Prevention of agency grant applications. Assisting agency members research active calls and cases. InspectaDate is a public service of iDigAnswers Research Associates Inc. The Director is responsible for preparation of the annual budget, in addition to oversight of budget analysis, strategic planning, and grant writing and management. Users can sign up for email alerts so they can get updates quickly. If you must leave an auto response reply, it should contain as little information as possible. Chase worked in Tallahassee for State Representative Jimmie Smith and State Senator Charlie Dean for seven years before moving to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office as the Policy Director in 2015 If you suspect you have contracted COVID-19, call your doctor before visiting an office or testing site. Share / Export. Our agency affords all members the path for advancement while providing training to succeed. state permit information. The man fled the scene and was able to avoid a massive manhunt. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit is comprised of sworn deputies and the Pasco Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is comprised of civilian volunteers. Pasco County includes the Florida cities of New Port Richey, Port Richey, Dade City and Zephyrhills. The technique is a key component of Nocco's $83.3-million . If you know what District you live in, please add “ATTN: District #” to the address above. comprised of several hundred citizens who volunteer to make Pasco safer and aid in designated rescue efforts. Unfortunately, there are too many students arrested for possession violations every year for all of these products. If you can’t be home, maybe see if you can have the packages delivered to a trusted neighbor or family member at a different location. PIO When directed, the Use this web tip form to provide information regarding crimes, criminals and/or suspicious activity. Additionally, the Pasco Sheriff’s Charities is now accepting monetary donations for two of Pasco County’s most at-risk populations: children and the elderly. When providing crime news to both the media and the public, care is taken to withhold information that is confidential or exempt under applicable state and case law, to protect victims and to avoid the release of information that could jeopardize a criminal investigation or prosecution.

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