modern vintage engagement rings

.custom-components .full-block-new .video-wrap { .custom-components .full-block-mobile-stack .overlay__top .full-block-new__text { } font-family: 'MontserratRegular', Arial, sans-serif; color: #58595b; margin: 0 auto; There is nothing quite like finding a one-of-a-kind antique engagement ring in our modern world! } color: #7C2529 } .custom-components .split-row .half-box.overlay__middle.overlay__mobile-top .split-row_text .overlay-text, .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .no-desk-inline { line-height: 1.3; font-size: 48px Vintage engagement rings are all the rage. } padding: 0; .custom-components .popular-category__wrapper-item:hover>div a { .custom-components .two-third-one-third-three-stacked .box .box-fifty .right-content .right-box .text .copy { width: 41.66666667% font-size: 2rem; } padding: 0; @media (max-width: 800px) { } .custom-components .category-tile-block__block .hover:hover { Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold, 1/3 ct. tw. .custom-components .full-block-mobile-stack .cta-link a, letter-spacing: 3px; line-height: 1px transform: none } font-weight: 400; width: 95%; .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .no-mobile-inline { width: 100% @media (max-width: 800px) { font-family: 'PlayfairDisplayRegular', Times, serif } content: ''; font-size: 24px } .custom-components .hp-two-third-block .two-thirds-row .col-sm-5 { line-height: 1.3; .custom-components .hp-two-third-block .two-thirds-row.reverse { .custom-components .stacked-products .product .title, @media (max-width: 800px) { } text-align: center; @media all and (max-width: 370px) { margin-top: 0 line-height: 1 font-family: 'PlayfairDisplayRegular', Times, serif; width: 66.66666667%; } .custom-components .hp-two-third-block .margin-fix { width: 90%; .custom-components .split-row.white-text .cta-link, max-width: 208px; text-align: center; } } .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .no-desk { } .custom-components .full-block-mobile-stack .copy.sans-serif a { .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .divider-serif-title { padding: 25px 0 35px; } background-image: url(// !important .custom-components .three-column-one-third.reverse, display: none display: inline-block !important } width: 100%; .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .super-title a { text-align: right; .custom-components .split-row .half-box.overlay__middle.overlay__mobile-bottom .split-row_text .overlay-text, .custom-components .full-block-new .sub-title { line-height: 1.5; .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .go-mobile { .custom-components .tile-grid__tile-wrapper.two-items>div { .custom-components .hp-two-third-block .two-thirds-row.rev-row-col { } line-height: 1.5; letter-spacing: 5px; margin: 0 auto; color: #666 font-weight: 400 } width: 100% font-size: 24px .custom-components .split-row .one-third-box.align-right .cta-text, } .custom-components .split-row .cta-text.serif a { text-decoration: none Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold, 1/2 ct. tw. height: 75px !important; .erbudget-twothirds-row .col-sm-5 { width: 100%; } flex-direction: column flex-direction: column bottom: 0 line-height: 1.4; } } flex-wrap: wrap; width: 100%; Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14K Rose & White Gold, TRULY™ Zac Posen 7/8 ct. tw. text-align: center .custom-components .two-third-one-third-three-stacked .box .box-fifty .left-content { height: 100% font-family: 'PlayfairDisplayRegular', Times, serif; width: 100%; } .custom-components .tile-grid .super-title { .custom-components .split-row .one-third-box .text-align__left .split-row_text { width: 95%; .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .divider-title { @media (max-width: 800px) { } .custom-components .hp-two-third-block .two-thirds-row .col-xs-12 { .custom-components .full-block-new__title { height: auto .custom-components .halves.pull { } .custom-components .split-row .half-box.align-right .cta-text a { right: -6%; margin: 0 auto line-height: 1.2 @media (min-width: 768px) { max-width: 500px; border: 2px solid #333 } @media (max-width: 800px) { padding: 10px 0 0 0; .fashion-header .no-mobile { line-height: 1.3; #fourtilethree { These rings really do have a different look and feel than modern rings because of things like the metals used, diamond cuts, and center stones. letter-spacing: 4px; } letter-spacing: 5px color: #353538; .custom-components .tile-grid .cta-button a { Existing Cardholders: see your credit card agreement for Account terms. .custom-components .tile-grid .super-title { font-family: 'MontserratRegular', Arial, sans-serif; .custom-components .split-row .two-thirds-box.float-box_right .overlay-text, } .custom-components .split-row .one-third-box.overlay__middle { font-family: 'MontserratLight', Arial, sans-serif; text-align: right .custom-components .two-third-static-one-third .triple .description { Vintage engagement and wedding rings offer an understated yet slightly fancier alternative to traditional wedding sets. width: 45% } .custom-components .full-block-new .title a { .custom-components .halfhalf-row__left-box.grey-background { } margin: 0 !important width: 50%; .custom-components .popular-category.white-text .title, .custom-components .category-tile-block { } .cc-serif-title, } @media (min-width: 801px) { } } color: #353538; } border: 1px solid #353538; } flex-direction: column; @media (max-width: 800px) { @media (max-width: 800px) { padding: 25px 0 0; } } .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .block-wrapper { From vintage-inspired to modern, and from solitaires to three-stone rings, the only limit is your imagination when it comes to finding the perfect sapphire engagement ring for you. I understand and agree my password is unique to me and cannot be shared with anyone. font-weight: 400; text-transform: uppercase; @media (max-width: 800px) { With unique details that add heirloom elegance, antique-style rings are a meaningful symbol of your love and commitment. justify-content: flex-start .custom-components .hp-two-third-block .two-thirds-row .img { @media (max-width: 800px) { } float: left; .custom-components .split-row .two-thirds-box.align-left .title, } display: block; font-size: 20px; } } } } font-weight: 600; } } } } .custom-components .full-block-mobile-stack .overlay__top.overlay__mobile-bottom .full-block-new__text .overlay-text { color: #353538; Antique style engagement ring sets are ideal if your loved one enjoys classic coordination when it comes to, new! display: flex; } .custom-components .three-column-one-third .col-sm-4, } color: #fff .custom-components .popular-category .cta-button { @media (max-width: 767px) { font-size: 1.2rem; padding: 0 } font-size: 20px; text-align: center; color: #7C2529 .custom-components .split-row .align-left { width: 60%; text-align: center; .custom-components .lp-new-text-divider .red-text a { .custom-components .split-row .half-box.overlay__top .split-row_text .overlay-text .sub-title, font-weight: 400; color: #333; justify-content: center .custom-components .popular-category__wrapper-item:nth-child(3) { line-height: 1.3; text-decoration: none .custom-components .tile-grid .img-mobile { } text-align: center @media (max-width: 768px) { .custom-components .full-block-mobile-stack .sub-title.serif { } .custom-components .full-block-mobile-stack .overlay__bottom { } .custom-components .split-row .two-thirds-box.overlay__top.overlay__mobile-bottom .split-row_text, @media (max-width: 800px) { object-fit: cover; Like the charm of antique diamond rings, our vintage engagement ring styles have that certain something for the wistful romantic. letter-spacing: 1px } @media (max-width: 800px) { display: none .custom-components .two-third-static-one-third .triple .title { } max-width: 1280px; margin: 0 .custom-components .tile-grid.white-text .title-grid__text .title, width: 100%; } } margin: 0 auto; font-family: 'PlayfairDisplayRegular', Times, serif; } .custom-components .category-tile-block .block-copy { } max-width: 80% flex: 0 1 auto; They feature delicate, feminine styling with intricate settings. } Discover a wonderful selection of modern engagement rings, contemporary engagement rings, antique & vintage style engagement rings and alternative engagement rings online or in-store today!

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