mermaid tattoo meaning

The Greeks believed that they were created by the union of gods and sea creatures. Simple changes in design can change the meaning. Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on June 16, 2012: I kindly thank you all for your time and comments. No less attractive option would be a tattoo of a mermaid in the style of realism. Our ancestors respected and revered the image of a mermaid, considering her to be the patroness of vegetation and harvest, believing that she is able to bring both grief and luck. If you're considering a mermaid tattoo, take a look at some of the more popular associations and meanings behind these mythical creatures before settling on a design. Some mermaid tattoo designs feature only the tail of the mermaid to represent the carefree and peaceful nature of the water-dwelling creature. Many blamed these mythical creatures for spoiling dams and tangling fishermen’s nets. Women prefer more gentle and sexual tattoo options, emphasizing their grace. As for the choice of a place for a tattoo, in the criminal world there are only two options on the body for this tattoo: back or chest. It is believed that they would lure sailors to their watery deaths so they could steal their treasures. Due to the mermaid’s reference to the ocean, this tattoo layout can represent nature, instinct, delivery or rebirth, and creation. One of the earliest tattoo designs for those who lived on the sea, the mermaid tattoo meaning has always had some basis in allowing passion and the heart to overall common sense. Having been long associated with the love goddess herself, Aphrodite, many travelers of the sea compare the mermaid with Tethys, Amphitrites, Calypso, and Ran, the Norse sea goddess.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tattooswin_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',120,'0','0'])); These persuasive spirits of the seas have been blamed for causing sailors to drift off course and wreck their ships, mostly due to their sexually tantalizing powers. My votes and best wishes to you, Thelyricwriter. With the hypnosis comes the stories of them being confused with sirens who were much more dangerous and aggressive. The more traditional mermaid is a mesmerizing image of beauty. Mermaid tattoos with mirrors might also represent self fee or self-worth. TattooInkFixer | Noida-NCR’s Best Tattoo Studio, TattooInkFixers Studio Tour| Tattoo Studio In Noida. In most of the old stories, mermaids (or sirens) lure sailors with their beautiful singing and appearance and seductive ways. Pinup girl tattoos became popular around the same time mermaid tattoos did and both were often worn by sailors. The Slavic peoples believed that the mermaids were reborn young drowns and the souls of children, that they were not baptized. Its cool to read about the mermaid traits and what one can symbolize for an inked female. The iconography of the mermaid has sensual power. At the time, mermaids were representations of fertility and being bringers of life because the ocean offers an endless amount of food to eat. She was depicted in the bodies of prisoners, who lacked female companionship. Those that do end up with regrets. Another way that people like to do this is by getting a tattoo. Sometimes, you'll see a mermaid portrayed as a pinup. Today many people simply love the mermaid for a tattoo design due to her feminine pin-up qualities. In a maximum of the antique stories, mermaids (or sirens) lure sailors with their beautiful making a song and look and seductive methods. Mermaid Got long Hairs and curves. Mermaids are also frequently done in a traditional “Sailor Jerry” style that was worn by sailors as symbols of luck. However, different countries describe her appearance in different ways, some considered them terrible and ugly old women, others as young and incredibly beautiful girls. Chinese folklore tells tales of benevolent mermaids whose tears turned to pearls. Mermaid tattoos may portray a mermaid watching the moon or sitting on a rock in the moonlight or in the dark, whether it be the darkness of dawn or the darkness of the deep waters. It was found in the time when women … Are you a wild one? In West and Japan these mythical creatures were heroes of the marine folklore. I've always loved the little mermaid. It is best to give preference to large and color compositions, placing them on the chest or back. Take the time to think about it. In the Vikings, the mermaid was a symbol of danger, and the one who saw her understood that trouble was approaching him, the outcome of which could be fatal. Often representing danger, temptation, sensuality and duality, the history and meanings behind the aquatic folk are as deep as the oceans themselves. Adding to their loveliness, mermaids aren't shy about baring their bodies—although we now accept the idea they would cover their breasts with shells, that wasn't always the thought. Make sure that you take the time to research your tattoo. All magic comes at a price, something made obvious by the dual nature of the mermaid. Below, you can find more associated meanings. Since she is often depicted luring sailors, she might represent danger, seduction, and sexuality. They were said … These mermaids are generally placed on the arm and are featured with other nautical imagery like anchors and rope. I will look through your designs. Tattoo designs that include pearls may reference this myth and may be rendered in a Chinese artistic style with flowing ink and delicate lines that resemble brushstrokes. The mermaid has the ability to persuade even the most hard-core sailor to succumb to her wishes, and today many people can relate to her beauty and charm in the way they depict the mermaid on a tattoo. Both benevolent and malicious, mermaids can serve as the harbinger of a deadly storm or as a beautiful mythological water nymph, playing light-hearted tricks and games. The tattoo with the image of a mermaid has a special role in prisons. She might be topless or she may have shells or long, flowing hair covering her breasts.

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