list of vegetables

This is a list of plants that have a culinary role as vegetables. Also, eat various seasonal vegetables to try out different tastes. Bok choy belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family, alongside others such as cabbage and brussels sprouts. On the other hand, roasted eggplant cooked with some fat tastes delicious. Due to their milder taste, it’s also more common for them to be eaten raw. This purple sweet potato is a nutritious tuber that has some advantages over regular sweet potatoes. However, most people use onions for flavoring, and adding chopped onions to a dish always boosts the taste. This list of vegetables contains vegetables that exist all over the world. Kohlrabi is primarily a good source of vitamin C (36); Leeks are a tasty vegetable that add a lot of flavor when used in cooking. Mushrooms contain a vast range of phytonutrients, some of which are unique. Interestingly, wild broccoli doesn’t exist, and the vegetable was “made” by man through selectively breeding cabbage plants. An example would include the tomato, which is a botanical berry, but a culinary vegetable according to the United States. Celery offers the following vitamins and minerals (21); Chives provide a delicious flavor to any dish, and they also taste great on their own. As shown below, mushrooms contain some vitamins and minerals too (40); See here for an in-depth guide to all edible mushrooms. Because they are not technically a vegetable, a fruit, or any other kind of plant. According to one systematic review, the vegetable can have a positive impact on fertility (20). Further to its nutritional profile, seaweed offers a range of bioactive compounds such as fucoxanthin and fucoidan. Known by the original Italian word ‘zucchini’ in the US and Australia, this vegetable goes by the French name of ‘courgette’ in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. They are long, with greenish-white stalks reminiscent of green onions, another member of the allium family. Surprisingly, 100g of watercress provides only 11 calories, and yet it’s still one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables (65); Despite the name including “nut”, water chestnuts are a type of aquatic vegetable. This vegetable has a deep red to purple color, and it looks a little like the leaves of red cabbage. However, similar to bell peppers, everyone uses it as a vegetable. They belong to a class of their own. Okra can be served raw, cooked, and we can sometimes find it in salads. That said, it’s essential to eat them with a source of fat if you want to absorb this (fat-soluble) vitamin. peas . * The following are Fruits in a botanical sense, though are commonly thought of as vegetables due to their culinary uses: ** corn is a cereal grain and is also a type of fruit. Spinach has an impressive nutrient profile too, and it provides a decent amount of almost every micronutrient (58); Their purple relative from Japan may be healthier, but regular sweet potatoes are one of the most popular veggies. Get in touch with us and we'll talk... Aburana                                             Acorn squash/Pepper squash  Ahipa                                                    Alfalfa sprouts                                 Amaranth                  American groundnuts    Anise                                                Aonori                                                ArameArracachaArrowheadArrowrootArtichoke/Globe artichokeArugula/Salad rocket AsparagusAdzuki beans, Bamboo shoots/Bamboo sprouts        Banana squash                              Basil/Sweet basil          Beans                                                           Bean sprouts                     Beet                                                                   Belgian endive             Bell pepper/Sweet pepper        Borage Borlotti beansBottle gourd/CalabashBreadfruitBroadleaf arrowheadBroccoliBroccolini/Baby broccoliBrussels sprout, Bitter leaf                                                  Bitter melon/Bitter gourd/Bitter squash       Black beans               Black cumin                               Black-eyed peas                     Bok choy/Chinese cabbage                Bull’s bloodBurdockButter beans/Lima beansButtercup squashButterhead lettuceButternut pumpkin/Butternut squash, Cabbage                                 Cabbage sprouts          Cactus leaves                              Caigua                                                         Camas                                                       Cape gooseberry                                         Caraway                                             Cardoon/Artichoke thistle           Chaya/Tree spinachChayote/ChristophineCherry tomatoesCucumberChickweedChicoryChili peppersChinese chives/Garlic chives, Carola                                               Carrot                                        Cassava/Yuca                                                 Catsear                                                        Cauliflower                     Cayenne pepper                     Celeriac                                              Celery                                                     Celtuce                                                                  Ceylon spinach       Chinese mallowChinese snow peasChivesChoy sumChrysanthemum leavesCilantro/CorianderCollard greensCoral lettuceCornCorn salad/Lamb’s lettuce, Dabberlocks/badderlocks         Dandelion                                                 Delicata squash                                                Dill/Lao coriander                                          Dinosaur kale/Lacinato kaleDolichos beansDrumsticksDulseDaikon, Earthnut pea                                                    Edamame                                  Eggplant/Aubergine                                     Elephant foot yam                                      Elephant garlic                                             EndiveEnglish peas/PeasEnseteEpazoteEscarole, Fat hen                                              Fava beans/Broad beans  Fennel/Finocchio                         Fiddlehead fern     Florence fennelFlowering cabbageFluted pumpkinFrench beans/Green beans, Garbanzo beans/Chickpeas        Garden cress/Cress                  Garden rocket                                                   Garlic                                                     Gem squash                                  Gherkin                                               Ginger                                            Globe eggplant                                       Gobo                                                       Golden nugget squash                      GuarGolden SamphireGood King HenryGourdGrape tomatoGreater plantainGreen cabbageGreen cauliflowerGreen onionGreen pepperGroundnuts, Habanero chili                                       Hakurei turnip                                      Hamburg rooted parsley  Haricot beans                             Hijiki                                                  Horse gramHorseradishHothouse cucumberHubbard squashHyacinth beans, Ice plant                                  Indian peas                                   Irish mossItalian sweet pepperItalian red onion, Jalapeño                                     Japanese bunching onion   Japanese eggplant                 Japanese pumpkin/Kabocha squashJapanese turnipsJerusalem artichoke/SunchokeJicama, Kabu Kai-lan/Chinese broccoli Kale Kidney beans Kohlrabi/German turnipKomatsunaKombuKukaKurrat, Lagos bologi                                       Land cress                                                      Laver                                                         Leafy greens                                                        Lebanese cucumber                            Leeks                                                           Lemon                                                                   LentilsLemon grassLettuceLima beansLimeLizard’s tailLotus rootLuffa, Mache                                                                Malabar gourd                            Mange tout                                            Marjoram                                     Marrow                                                            Melons                                                    Miner’s lettuce                                       Minikin                                                       Mitsuba                                               MyogaMizunaMorel/MorchellaMoth beansMountain pepperMozukuMung beansMulukhiyahMushroomMustard plant, Napa cabbage                                                Nasturtium                         Nasu                                                                 Navy beans                                                            NegiNettlesNew Zealand spinachNopalesNori, Oakleaf lettuce                                                  Ogonori                                                             Okra                                                           Onions                                                     OlivesOracheOstrich fernOyster plant, Pak choi/Chinese cabbage           Palm heart                                                     Paracress                                                         Parsley                                                Parsnips                                                                Pattypan squash                                    Peanut                                                           Pea sprouts/leaves                          Pigeon pea                            Pignut                                                           Pinto beans                                                  PlectranthusPoblanoPoholePointed gourdPokePokeweedPotatoesPrairie turnipPrussian asparagusPumpkinsPurslane, Radicchio                                       Radish                                                      Rainbow chard                                               Rapeseed                                                  Rapini/Broccoli rabé   Red bell peppers                 Red cabbage                                   Red kidney beans                                    Renkon                                                 Rhubarb                   Ridge cucumberRidge gourdRocketRockmelonRomaine lettuce/Cos lettuceRomanesco broccoliRomano beansRosemaryRunner beansRutabaga/Swedish turnips, Salad turnip                                                       Salsify                                                                    Samphire                                               Savoy cabbage                                   Satoimo                                               Satsumaimo/Sweet potato              Scallions/Spring onions  Scorzonera                                                         Sculpit/Stridolo                                         Sea beet                                       Sea grape                                                        Sea kale                                                Sea lettuce                                                       Shallots                                        Shiso/Ohba                                    Sierra leone bologi                     Silverbeet/Chard                                   SkirretSlokeSnake beansSnake gourdSnake squashSnow peasSoko/Lagos spinachSorrelSoybeansSpaghetti squashSpinachSpring greensSquashSquash blossomsStriped marrowSugar snap peasSweet corn, Tabasco pepper Taro Tarwi Tatsoi/Spinach mustard Tepary beans Thyme TigernutTindaTomatilloTomatoTurnipsTuscan kale, Wakame                                            Wasabi                                         Water chestnut                                            Watercress                                         Water spinach                                    Welsh onion                                    West Indian gherkin                       West Indian pumpkinWhite eggplantWhite salad onionWild leekWinged beansWinter melonWinter purslaneWinter squash, Yacón                                                           Yam                                                      Yamaimo                                                      Yardlong beans                                   YarrowYau chowYellow squashYow choyYu choy sum.

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