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How Hay Fever Affects Your Voice, 14 of the Best Apps for Musicians and Songwriters in 2020, Registered in England & Wales | TeenStar Limited. from demo to . Most labels will expect the basics such as the following if asked: If you’ve got of all these things sorted and they’re successful then the next move would be to send your demos to UK independent record labels. Swedish pop duo 'jon and julia' sign record deal. }; Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The aim is to push conscious music to the universe. Founded in 2012, its debut release -- Newmark Phase by, -- fitted more in line with some of the hazy blissed-out IDM that fellow Sheffield label Warp was putting out in the 1990s. Tonotopic Records is an independent record label based in the UK, developing artists from demo to discography internationally. This category has the following 23 subcategories, out of 23 total. You will need a fan base, without them you’ll struggle to go far and it will be very unlikely that any UK independent record labels will consider signing you. Owned by Richard Russell, XL was a spin off from the independent label Beggars Banquet, with a focus on dance tracks. Timedance sits firmly within that heritage, using it as the foundation for a catalogue full of smothering low-end pressure, smash-and-grab raids of the techno hinterlands, and fractured rhythmic explorations. Adding to the sense that UVB-76 are currently on some sort of hot streak, two sub-labels are pursuing different strands of the label’s sound. The Bristol label launched in 2015 with, ' TrustInDigikal/IfUWantMe, a slice of digital pointillism that wrenched lovers rock into new, distended forms. This list may not reflect recent changes . Founded in 2010 by Tom Lea, the label has had a whole decade to develop both a loyal following and a highly envious back catalogue. The big daddy of British indie labels, Rough Trade has had its ups and downs since 1978 when Geoff Travis founded it in the back of his Notting Hill record shop. The London-born, Berlin-based label is home to some of the decade’s most adventurous work – from records by visionaries like, , to launching label debuts by artists including, . Recent roster additions include emo-trap duo, , suggesting MOVES will continue to define the cultural zeitgeist into the 2020s. Hailing from Bristol and now based in London, L U C Y’s interest in multi-disciplinary art and her love for a punchy low end drives the SZNS7N blueprint. Sub Pop. NING 001 was, amazingly, Shagging In The Streets by S*M*A*S*H in 1994. Art Is Hard Records Art is Hard is a label run by two friends out of Exeter. Although they’re smaller companies they still have the ability to help musicians become big names in the industry. Often UK independent record labels are subsidiaries of the major record labels but independently run. Discs to major Polygram in 1997, he set up Independiente, which released classics by Embrace, Gomez, Howling Bells, The Tears, Travis and Paul Weller. Pages in category "British independent record labels" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 393 total. Collaborations with establishment institutes like the ICA, and last year’s audio-visual soundtrack offshoot, ENTOPIA, demonstrate Kouligas’ broader ambitions. Founded in 2006 by Ben Lovett of Mumford And Sons, Kevin Jones and Ian Grimble, the Communion organisation started as a night at the Notting Hill Arts Club, but branched into a label, a promotion company and publishing business. In the UK, there are two trade bodies that represent the rights and interests of UK record companies: The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Association of Independent Music (AIM). As with all the best Bristol labels, it reflects the city’s collaborative and close-knit music community in pushing sounds that step outside of traditional genre demarcations – bringing the meditative sensibilities of dubstep and garage swing to broken beat reflections of house and techno. Last year saw a slew of quality releases, including sparse, hazy house from, , and K-Lone’s Sine Language EP of four slinky, infectious rhythms that borrowed from hip hop, techno, ambient and more besides. 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