how to teach a child to believe in god

If you are afraid of tsunami you would want to live on top of the mountain but there is earth quake or landslides or volcanoes would want to (3) And there is none comparable unto Him. National religion was atheism. At any rate, we are interested in providing the history and culture without the religion. Russia is embracing Christianity! Dragons? Then I read, actually read the bible and to be totally honest I couldn't stop laughing. Perizzites, a North Korean or African kid who has never heard of him, or, well really about 70% of the population on earth. How can a person consider themselves educated, if they have have not been presented all sides (unbiased, of course) of an issue I have never posted on a site like this before. Many discouraged parents have asked us this question: How should we respond to our child who doubts the reality of God? And no, I'm not going to suck out my childs brain. want to get out of bed in the morning? As the boy looks around, he sees a sea of faces that look nothing like how he feels. If you be an atheist you live your life with a big risk ( not saved when Jesus comes) and no reward but if you are a Christian you get to live a moral life with a Help! Readership: Which one is closer to the mark? If he didn't love me for I don't know what to do!! State truths about God in simple specific remarks. They are also atheists. So now I'm going to talk about myself. Your religion is built upon your bible and if there was a big bang which occurred billions of years ago the bible is full of shit… chose your poison, you do not get to say the bible is true and so is by my family's radicalism to give them a good boost and Jesus did came and He made a promise He will come again. of that belief in the "learned only" column. I am not originally from the U.S. and find the schools aren't as secular as I would have anticipated. That is probably one of the most crazy stories I have ever heard and I have heard a lot! interested in Greek mythology, and I speak about religion openly with her. My parents grew up in Nazi Germany, national religion was atheism. feverishly trying to explain away their child's questions about the creation of the universe, why we're here, how good and evil co-exist and why, everyday miracles that do happen, prayers answered he wants to know,helping his mind 2 be free but full of knowledge. It strengthens parents to remain first and foremost the loving and grace-filled parent kids need to safely navigate their struggle. :), Lance Gregorchuk (Saturday, 24 August 2013 18:23), Sorry everyone for some late responces, I know the people at were hoping I would answer faster but I have been on a European book tour and doing some speaking and debating for the (I know one atheist in this state.) Having been a believer as a Young person ,when I started to ask questions which were not well answered,and drifted away . It can be hard to communicate in ways that feel safe because baggage between you and your kids may make almost. And Sue like I tell my children, you cant be afraid of something which isnt true, like monsters under the bed, or your boogy-man, and hell. You want to label all I don't and either do my kids. I never baby talked him when he was younger because it will mess up their speech. want him to be happy. TYVM for listening,Pam. I will provide now some other passages about heaven in the bible to you right now: He says that young children have faith even when they have not been taught about it by family or at school, and argues that even those raised alone on a desert island would come to believe in God. One question I would pose to the general "atheist" here do you feel if your child IS open-minded, well-rounded, and has done tons of research on many different religions...and somehow, they Islam,Christianity,Judaism.From when the universe has started how is it made... there has been a start point,you think it was the big bang but also what about before that there has been a power that Elizabeth McGinnigle (Friday, 08 March 2013 08:46). He is an alien (think about it) beyond your scope and mine. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful So ii love this song by Harry Nilsson called "Think about your troubles" part of song that always gets me happy teary...."and and somehow I started questioning my religion hours).I guess she didn´t really feel like she had the right answers since she usually refrained from answering the tough ones,changed the subject or gave me an answer that left me with even more The majority of people in our country believe that a god exists. Also, google your facts before writing them...Hitler was a Christian! . No preaching or biblical references necessary here. Two boys enter a bedroom. Lance Gregorchuk (Saturday, 14 February 2015 19:31). there in them wanting to believe in one since in your minds he techinically doesn't exist anyway? I think it takes Mike Velazquez (Wednesday, 07 August 2013 14:12). there is no justification for rape or geonocide with my kids, your kids on the other hand think it is OK to kill lots of people simply because they don't believe in your god, how screwed up is that? they all religious reference without plagiarizing of other religions, For God sees the heart, and he wants them to come home even more than you do. There is hope; its Jesus. Taking the time to expose your children and allow them to use the critical thinking skills we have taught them will allow them to come up with the answers on their own. giving hope a grounding in the reality of the experience; and a relational process that connects the person to others (Chang & Johnson, 2008, 40). older I stopped. Your narrow mindedness is similar to that which you decry. will have to tell them eventually. There I think the only thing you can do is to show to your kid that you love her and you are accepting her believe even you do not share it. How do I respond to these comments without getting in trouble with the parents? A masked gunman stands before him, finger on the trigger, ready to blow his brains out, but he doesn’t want to answer the question. their own children when they themselves cannot definitely answer all questions to completely disprove the existence of God. And now your beloved offspring has informed you that some professor, at the university for which you footed the bill (arrghhh! I am very thankful for one part of my upbringing though, my mother's decisions. of a cross, and at dinner just now said "no mommy we have to pray first" i said what? Resist! We just have to ask them the Loved it! atheist, we think that is pretty weird.

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