how to make a successful flexible working request

Flexible working is a type of work-related arrangement between an employee and an employer, that focuses on providing a different working pattern than the existing one. updates from Human. You will not have to meet any eligibility criteria, unless your employer’s scheme has its own. Keep reading this article to understand work market trends of the future and prepare to be the best in your sphere. It’s not a legal requirement to explain why you want to change your work pattern but it might be helpful in persuading your employer to agree to the request. Include the details How will you perform your duties? There are two non-dependent ways in which you can make a flexible working request. If your employer refuses your request, there are rules on how you can make a claim in the employment tribunal under the law on flexible working. The other is to make a non-statutory request, that largely depends on the company’s policies and procedure or the employer itself. There are two ways in which you can make a flexible working request. One is to make a formal, statutory request, that is, a request under the rules set out in law. If your employer doesn't agree to your request, they should arrange to discuss your request with you as soon as possible and let you know if there is going to be any delay in dealing with your request. set out the working pattern you are asking for and the date on which you would like it to start, explain how the proposed change would affect your employer and colleagues and how you think these changes might be dealt with. Be confident to ask your management for your application status and remind them to answer you on time as legislation states. First, take a look at your employer’s flexible working policy (if it has one), as this will set out how requests should be made, says Vicky Schollar, senior solicitor at Blake Morgan LLP. Policy reviews, virtual consultancy, and group coaching, Creating a flexible, high-performing workplace, Supporting Mothers: Best practice for employers, Shared Parental Leave: Toolkit for Employers, Be in writing and clearly state that it is a flexible working application, State whether you have previously made a FW application and if so, when, Explain the change you’re asking for and when you want the change to take effect, Explain what effect, if any, you think the change would have on your employer and how any such effect could be dealt with. Employers nowadays tend to improve their workers’ work-life balance and overall working conditions. There are two non-dependent ways in which you can make a flexible working request. How to enrich your organization’s HR practice in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s a statutory or non- statutory flexible working request, it is good practice to use the same approach as to the statutory approach even if for there is no set format for a non-statutory request that you need to follow specifically (no matter if you are or aren’t eligible to make a statutory request, you can still opt for a non-statutory one). After your employer receives your request they should arrange to discuss it with you as soon as possible, so you will have an opportunity present the details that may not have been included in your written request. Check out our tips for making a request. Culpa eius expedita mollitia nemo perspiciatis. Alias aut delectus magni officia If you aren’t eligible to make a statutory request, you can still make a non-statutory one. Emphasise your continued commitment to the organisation and, if possible, suggest ways in which you might be available to undertake additional or different hours if an emergency arises. So before you ask consider whether flexible hours will work for you. 130 Wood Street This page tells you the advantages and disadvantages of each and how to make both a statutory and a non-statutory request. If so, you’re not alone. How to address the key themes and challenges arising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Be open to communicate with your management. If your employer refuses your request, find out if they have an appeal procedure. All employees have the right to request flexible working hours since 2014. When you write your flexible working request, a good starting point for structure and content is the five legal requirements. For example, if you need help with caring arrangements, your employer may realise that it would be discriminatory to refuse your request. Your colleagues act like you’re invisible and your demanding boss is always busy if you dare to ask him for a meeting. They say that passing video interview is even harder than to do it face-to-face. A recent report by recruitment agency Timewise [pdf], which looked at 230,000 job adverts in Scotland, found that 11.9% of jobs are advertised as flexible, while 34% of job-seeking Scots sought flexible work. Watching Netflix with a cup of hot beverage wearing your favorite pair of sweatpants and a loony T-Shirt has undeniably become one of our most likable Sunday rituals. There are two ways in which you can make a flexible working request. Remember to say when you want the arrangement to begin. For example, asking for flexibility as a reasonable adjustment to help with a disability. You should prepare by: However, if you prefer a more formal approach, you can consider requesting in writing or using this template which is considered standard for such an application. Also, keep in mind that you need to provide your reasons for such a request.

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