how much epsom salt for enema

If you are considering using Epsom salt as part of an enema, resist the urge. An Epsom salt enema is similar to a water enema but can yield more useful results for cleansing the colon and reducing constipation. 3. Avoid this solution if you are sensitive or allergic to caffeine; Don’t give this enema too often or regularly since it can deplete the body of some essential minerals (e.g., iron) and vitamins. Sodium phosphate. Epsom Salt Enema Recipes. Epsom salt enema recipes consist of combining Epsom salts with water (some people recommend about 4 tbsp of Epsom salts to 2 liters of water). 3. The pack of Epsom Salts contains more powder than you will need, so throw the remaining powder down the toilet. Epsom salt Enema is faster and much safer than other solutions. Most Epsom salt packaging recommends using 2 cups of Epsom salt in a well-filled bath and soaking for 12-15 minutes. Many people are scared of most kinds of enemas, as some are pretty harsh on the body. The Epsom salts draw more water from the intestine into the colon which helps to relax the intestinal muscles. This is caused by the high amounts of magnesium. These are similar to water enemas and are performed to aid with constipation by drawing more water from the intestine into the colon and also relaxing the intestinal muscles. Epsom Salt Enema Solutions Try to keep the enema solution inside for from 12 to 15 minutes. 2. The benefits of this are many, as we have mentioned earlier. An Epsom salt enema is regularly used as a means of alternative medicine by many people. Epsom salt. It draws much more water within the large intestine into the colon, which will in case help release the toxins accumulated within the body. That is why it comes as no surprise that many make use of this method for clearing their systems and thereby, automatically leading to weight loss as well. Diet As well as taking the Epsom Salts you must also follow the diet instructions below on the day before your appointment: BREAKFAST 8.00am-9.00am Eat one of the following: • 30g Rice Krispies or cornflakes with up to 100mls milk, or Dangers of Epsom Salt Enemas. This is similar to a water or saline enema, but magnesium-rich Epsom salt is said to be more effective at relaxing bowel muscles and relieving constipation. Milder in nature. Epsom salt enema for constipation. Advertisement However, David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS recommends that the quantity of salt you use should correlate with your body weight. It's a dangerous practice with health consequences.

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