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Header image courtesy of Pekic / E+ / Getty Images. As always, these are graded on a Pass/Fail metric: With the first Hollywood Handshake of the season, Michael is riding high into the Technical Challenge. Michael is unable to save himself, though. Half of them are dry, some have bad lemon curd or bad cheese curd, and Priya straight up doesn’t finish. Copyright © 2020 WETA. Here they come, rolling up their sleeves. “Sunday Night Football” Helps NBC to a third consecutive weekly win. You may unsubscribe at any time. TV Ratings: ‘Sunday Night Football’ sends NBC to the top. It's also usually a good sign of who the emerging front runners are. 11. For more information, see our ethics policy. Phil: Too dark and the bread is too dense David’s Trio of African Masks His scoring is a disaster, but you can still see the African masks the loaves are supposed to be. Rosie and Steph get a little bit more abstract, with Rosie creating Prohibition-era cocktail desserts and Steph making pink mishti in rose and pistachio, mango and coconut, and date and walnut, in an extremely transparent bid to beat David at his own game and win Star Baker. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Hey hey, it’s the bakers! Week 2 is biscuit week, challenging bakers to make chocolate florentines for the signature, macaroons for the technical, and 3D biscuit sculptures for the showstopper. Telly Visions is a service of WETA and is supported by contributions from readers like you. After 30 years of dating David Sedaris, “Congressman Prude” finally has his say. The bakers are asked to make the mishti out of khoya condensed milk, which they must make themselves with the exception of one of their bakes. Alice saves herself with her carrot cake and coffee-flavored mishti after having a disastrous turn in the Signature Challenge and getting 8th in the technical. The show’s return is something of a miracle. This man, nay, sophisticated toddler, attempts to make ICE CREAM. And if production assistants are frantically wiping down every piece of equipment in the tent — as they probably are — their efforts do not appear on camera. This week's Showstopper is "Decorative Loaf Display." Whether because it was too topical or too narrowly focused on British politics, the bit didn’t make the Netflix cut.). David: Nicer size and shape, and bread density is right A Woman's Place Is In Your Face. Where: NetflixWhen: AnytimeRating: TV-14 (may be unsuitable for children under the age of 14). All proceeds will go to climate change research. Perhaps aware the world was desperate for a serving of good news — and some new TV to watch — producers scrambled to get the episodes to air less than a month after wrapping. This is Bread Week, not Burger Week.). And so is the Showstopper Challenge, albeit in a much more enjoyable way. Beyoncé Leads the 2021 Grammy Nominations. A bit of pud news for our American friends: Bake Off will be landing on @netflix every Friday. A send-up of the original show and white privilege, the new Peacock series is much smarter than you may have assumed. Favreau and Choi walk Raimi — and the audience — through the baking process, discussing the kind of dough texture you want for the perfect biscuit, and revealing how they got emotionally attached to their sourdough starters. Keyboard Khaleesi. Op-Ed: In what moral universe does Biden require a Catholic task force when Trump got a free pass? With no grasp on the science, many of the bakers decide that the only way to zhuzh up their cakes is by baking them inside over-the-top bundt tins. Steph’s “Answer to Everything” chocolate and raspberry cake also gets a thumbs-up. Luckily, Salt Fat Acid Heat is part practical cooking show, and she provides a recipe for the bread so you can make it at home, too. Turns out a lot can go wrong with dairy. Australian Thriller 'The Commons' to Stream on Sundance Now, 'The Crown' Season 4 Successfully Takes on Diana & Thatcher, 'His Dark Materials' Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: "The City of Magpies", A Jane Austen Anthology Series is in the Works at The CW, 'The Trouble with Maggie Cole' Recap: Season 1, Episode 5, Josie Turner Smith Cast as Anne Boleyn in New Series About Her Tragic End, No 'Great British Baking Show' This Summer On PBS, 'The Great British Baking Show' Season 7 Quarterfinal Recap: Pastries, 'The Great British Baking Show' Season 8, Episode 2 Recap: Biscuit Week, Acorn TV's 'Dead Still' is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Mystery Landscape, 6 Jane Austen Adaptations You Can Stream Right Now. L.A. County public health officials on Saturday announced they will issue an order suspending outdoor dining at restaurants amid a surge of new coronavirus cases. As Nosrat travels through Italy, she looks at fats in foods such as olive oil, meat, and cheese, but the focaccia is really a showstopper. The bread sculpture should be made of three types of dough, and one of them should be filled. To start, every single baker fails to get their Maids to the desired height. “GBBO” makes its return at a moment when interest in baking has surged. $199. Nine weeks ago, I wrote that based on the quality of this year’s contestants, I truly believed that we were on the precipice of the finest Great British Baking Show season in history. He has authored 5 best-selling books: on sourdough, Shetlandic cooking, brewing, baking and bread, respectively. It’s a painful thing to watch. It is rare for someone to land Star Baker on Bread Week and not be in the finals, happening only three times in the show's ten-year run. As judging begins, Paul and Prue give glowing reviews to four bakers in a row: Rosie’s cake featuring homemade limoncello and meringue kisses gets a “beautiful” from Prue, while Helena’s almond cake receives a similarly good feedback. Each episode of Chef’s Table profiles a professional chef, and Nancy Silverton (incidentally also a guest on Ugly Delicious) is the subject of the third volume’s third episode. The bakers this season are a reassuringly familiar mix of established “Bake Off” types. Prue Leith, left, Paul Hollywood and Matt Lucas talk to a contestant on “The Great British Baking Show.”. Michael is both relieved and miserable, as are we all. A recap of ‘Dairy Week,’ episode 4 of The Great British Bake off season 10, airing on Netflix as The Great British Baking Show Collection 7. You can really see the animals in the bread. Cheesecake? The delightfully soothing drama of semi-high-stakes baking is sure to be a balm for all GBBO fans this fall. The Great British Baking Show Competition Reality TV A talented batch of amateur bakers face off in a 10-week competition, whipping up their best dishes in the hopes of being named the U.K.'s best. There’s a bread episode out there for every bread mood: actually wanting to bake something, wanting to watch other people bake something, or just wanting to look at lovingly filmed loaves of bread.

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