galactus vs unicron

He also has Size-Aleration, which helps him alter his size to become even more intimidating. Making him able to take 30,000,000,000,000 tons of TNT. Boomstick: He also can manipulate time, space and energy, warp reality, cosmic awareness and many other abilities. There is such a thing as dimensional tiering. Also, Galactus is capable of teleporting so in theory avoid Unicron, staying away from his attacks. Follow 4853. Which judging by Jupiter's size compared to Unicron, that means Unicron can lift over 20 decillion tons. Unicron then struggles to stand up, but Galactus grabs Unicron by the throat and squeezes it to the point Unicron lost all breath. Boomstick: But none are as dangerous as the giant purple planet eating titan himself, Galactus. If Unicron's in his physical form then Galactus wins. Making him able to go over 70,000 miles an hour. It matters not if a blackhole formed after the fact as Galactus had won. Boomstick: Woohoo! Galactus VS. Unicron is a fanon Death Battle written by P0k3Fan997Young2, pitting Galactus, Marvel's giant purple planet consumer against Unicron, the planet eating Transformer. His control of energy is such that he could drain the energy from Unicrn, without absorbing it he is sh chooses. Then galactus would be the first to go in the resulting black hole if either beat each other the omniverse goes kaput. Meaning that it's nearly impossible to kill him, so unless you have god-like abilities that can kill Galactus, good luck getting rid of him for good. Galactus is known to easily face off against fleets of starships like the USS Leick and for Unicron, he could use this Federation battleship for a toothpick. Wiz: Unicron may have held the durability and intelligence advantage, but Galactus trumps Unicron in every other way. Yes but according to this statement Galactus had still won. Wiz: It took all of the Autobots and the Matrix of Leadership to kill Unicron. Unicron's energies are not compatible with Galactus. Wiz: He's also fast enough to travel over 60 times the speed of light, making him travel over 40,000,000,000 miles per hour. 0. The Matrix of Leadership is the only thing that could destroy Unicron, while Galactus was beaten by the Fantastic Four. With the 2 horns on his head, he can grab a planet and literally eat, until it's in his body. The chaos-bringer can also infect Galactus with a chaos virus that would destabilize his existance. Super Death Battle Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Also Unicron has destroyed entire universes Galactus hasn't done so to even one universe. And so Galan was no more and in his place is the Purple Titan that eats planets, Galactus. You actually can’t really kill Unicron he is evil incarnate which means as long as there is evil he shall just keep coming back more stronger, Unicron goal is to eat the multiverse till there is only him Galactus eats to be able to use his powers Unicron eats to grow more stronger, You can only really slow him down since his true self is hidden in the shadows and Galactus was beaten not stop or killed by humans if I’m not mistaken and in the movie it was a highly advanced race of robots that beat not stopped Unicron but seemed dead in their prospective at the time, unicron is {supposedly} multiversal, so he SHOULD take this comfortably, galactus normally caps at universal when he's well fed. AND Unicron: The robotic embodiment of death and destruction "He's Wizard and I'm Boomstick." Galactus: The bane of the Fantastic 4 and destroyer of the Skrull Empire. while I agree 100% the battles themselves are piles of sh*t, the tiering system of vs battles is well made, There is such a thing as dimensional tiering. User Lists: 1 #1 Edited By HalJordan1986x. Galactus and Imperiex vs Primus and Unicron HalJordan1986x. Wiz: Though, Unicron doesn't always need his powers. Unicron then sees Galactus absorbing Earth's energy and trying to take his goal away, so he attacks Galactus. Making Galactus over 500,000 times faster than Unicron. Wiz: Unicron is a giant transformer, that is also a planet, that eats planets. Like near-infinite strength and stamina and superhuman speed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is a really requested episode for Death Battle, so, I'm just posting it here. Unicron's energy is undrainable only his creations could do so and that's because they were a part of him. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Wiki Points. His spark still survived if it is extinguished then the black hole forms. Unicron then comes right back, but Galactus blocks the punch and both give each other their all on their powers. Break it down for a minute... which herald would win? Go Galactus! He's like a pest that you can't get rid of. (*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*). Reviews: 0. Unicron: You will be defeated mere mortal. Unicron did use his chaos on a organic world in a alternate universe with the same old unicron as he is omniversal all life just went up and died. Boomstick: And Unicron is also smarter due to being able to think of many possible solutions. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Too much to consume. Making Galactus many vigintillion times stronger than Unicron. Boomstick: And Unicron, the Transformer that's the size of a planet and eats planets. Wiz: But, Galactus' most useful and common to use superpowers to manipulate energy like doing Energy Discharges and Energy Absorption to make him stronger and knock out his foes. Marvel VS. Transformers! Wiz: Galactus, Marvel's purple planet buster. Boomstick: Galactus is known to be stronger due to lifting all 9 planets, while Unicron just lifted Jupiter. Wiz: Galactus is also faster than Unicron by far, Galactus can go 43,590,080,885 miles per hour that's 65 times the speed of light, while Unicron can 76,727 miles an hour being 100 times the speed of sound. The chaos-bringer can also infect Galactus with a chaos virus that would destabilize his existance. Unicron, however, can withstand a giant asteroid which is over 2 sextillion tons of TNT and Unicron can take 10 spetillion tons of TNT based on our math. Boomstick: Damn, Unicron really is dangerous. Wiz: Galactus' best durability feat is taking 600,000 nuclear explosions at once and each of them are 50,000,000 tons of TNT, making Galactus being able to withstand 30,000,000,000,000 tons of TNT. Wiz: Many of Unicron's abilities wouldn't be complete without him having the ability to literally eat planets. Anyway we have seen the Surfer skirt a blackhole and survive so Galactus should be able to manage and he teleport anyway in the 0.0001 seconds after Unicron's defeat. Galactus teleports everywhere along with Unicron while they beat the crap out of each other. Boomstick: Galactus is also more experience due to fighting many superheroes, whereas Unicron only fought other Transformers. He's strong enough to lift the planet Jupiter, which weighs almost 2 octillion tons. By Powershade117 Watch. Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers. He can destroy a jupiter sized planet by act of will alone. But he wasn't totally outclasses, Unicron is actually tougher than Galactus. No wonder the Avengers consider Galactus as one of their biggest threats to face when protecting the Earth from Galactus' grasp. Boomstick: But even with those flaws, Unicron isn't the Transformer to give up, after all Unicron is a planet Transformer that eats planets.

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