does a compost bin need a lid

If you will mostly be recycling your kitchen waste, a smaller bin or Bokashi bucket may be enough for you. Then, once you get the compost to the desired level of dampness, if you can’t close the lid to keep moisture inside, a sunny day will just dry things out again in short order. Other reasons to cover your compost is to protect your heap from receiving too much rainfall, which can waterlog the compost, which creates a lack of airflow in your pile, causing your compost to become slimy and stinky. Food waste is best recycled in a worm bin, which is a doubly great idea in areas where winter snow and ice can make it difficult to reach outdoor compost areas. Perfect for small yards, this composter features a modest foot print at 27 inches square. Without sufficient oxygen to fuel the composting organisms, the process slows. July 2012. A tumbling composter usually has no access to the soil so it is not that crucial to be above soil however keep in mind that most of them will leak liquid below them. If you’re using a manufactured compost container and it comes with a lid, by all means, use it. There are a number of reasons why you may choose not to have a lid. According to Cornell Cooperative Extension, “temperature is a key parameter determining the success of composting operations.”. Turn the kitchen scrap bin into a conversation piece instead of an eyesore. First consider how much waste you will be able to place in your compost bin. Making your compost in a bin that has a cover can save you weeks or months, so your compost will be ready to fortify the plants in your garden more quickly, and you’ll get to see the rewards of your work that much faster. Allowing some animals to enjoy a meal from your compost may not seem like such a big deal—it’s not like some little rodents will be able to consume enough of your materials to really put a dent in the pile, anyway—but with a consistent food supply like compost provides, those pest animals won’t just be occasional visitors. For a turning bin there are several options depending on your preference and the style of bin. You may even just be composting in a pile somewhere in a back corner of your garden. When you have the ability to close the lid over your compost, you’re creating a mini-ecosystem that has some protection from the elements and will have a more stable climate as a result. Composting without the confines of a container takes place in two basic ways: aboveground in a freestanding pile or below ground in a hole. Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. There are several reasons why you might want to cover your compost pile — everything from geography to speed fits the list. A simple wood box with a removable (and dishwasher safe) insert makes it easy to compost. If you need to fix the back fence, that is shared with a neigbor do we need to consult them? However, being able to cover your compost bin comes along with so many benefits that you really should put … The bin should be no smaller than 18 gallons, and it must have a lid. Organic fertilizer keeps crops—and the planet—healthy and productive. "How To Compost" is a website dedicated to the noble art of composting. If you are using it for making compost to use in gardens, then you do need to keep a lid on it because it will help keep the heat and moisture in it which will help break everything down. Best of all, the wood base with attached caster wheels makes turning your compost in this DIY compost tumbler a cinch — no shoveling required. Also, it will keep animals out, and keep the smell down. I once asked about rats in the compost bin at a gardener's question time at Shrewsbury Show and was told that the best way to keep rats out of the compost bin is to keep the compost wet. Rot-resistant cedar forms the framework of the composter, which features rodent-resistant construction. Learn how to increase airflow in your compost pile. But in answer to your question, no, you don't actually NEED a lid for your compost bin. If you do choose to cover your compost pile, it’s important to use the right kind of cover. Retention of heat and moisture. The bin stands 40 inches high, with a built-in lid that won’t blow away even during high wind events. How often should you change compost in pots? Why would you want to store compost? You may be building your own bin or enclosure and not be in a position to include a cover in the design. Gardening is a lifelong journey filled with learning — including which composting methods work best for you. As with regulating the moisture level of your compost, addressing these stinky imbalances is easiest done with the help of a lid on your compost bin. Although a well-functioning compost pile should not produce odours which are too offensive, it is still possible to get a waft of something unpleasant. Without a lid on the bin, your compost materials are going to be exposed to the temperature variations of the great outdoors. Decomposing organisms use up initial air supplies quickly. (If you don’t have a lid available, you can always use a tarp weighted with rocks or a piece of Hessian-backed carpet instead.) Try to find a sunny spot that will allow for easy access for filling and emptying. Composting without the confines of a container takes place in two basic ways: aboveground in a freestanding pile or below ground in a hole. Unfinished compost breaks down into a terrific soil additive if the pile is uncovered the whole time. The waste at the bottom may be ready first as it has been in there longest. So by having a cover or lid over your compost, you will be able to retain moisture and stop your pile from drying out. Make a fast-burning home compost bin for under $50. I have a couple of sm... My first real attempt at making compost at home. Making compost can take as little as a couple of months or as long as a year. Without the ability to do this, your compost will continue breaking down past its completion point, losing potency and becoming less effective the longer it’s exposed to the elements.

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