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Have you used/using a Cosori Air Fryer? Like other popular home goods companies based in the Netherlands, their aesthetic is simple, functional, and streamlined. The air fryer weighs 16.45 pounds and has dimensions of 11.8 by 12.6 by 11.7 inches. With more than 100 models on the market manufactured by dozens of well-known name brands, as well as a…, You’ve been introduced to the various types of air fryers available on today’s market, as well as their features and accessories. You want to purchase an air fryer that will perfectly suit your family’s needs. Contact us! Cosori describes their designs as “minimalist.” Here, we’ll examine their lineup of premium air fryers. This air fryer comes only in black. Eleven cooking presets include desserts, bread, root vegetables, French fries, frozen foods, bacon, shrimp, seafood, poultry, and steak. Ok so I have created a lot of Cosori air fryer recipes lately. Features. Consider the following. Headquartered in California, USA and in the Netherlands, Cosori is a specialty kitchen company that manufactures air fryers, blenders, food dehydrators, and electric kettles. The LCD screen is located on the front of the appliance and ergonomically angled for easy viewing. Would you recommend this product? See a full list of Accessories for Corori Air Fryers, See a full list of Recipe Cookbooks for Cosori Air Fryers. You can determine the size of your air fryer by the number of people you will often cook for. This air fryer is equipped with a number of features not found on other air fryer models. Like its smaller counterpart, this Cosori air fryer hosts several unique features, including preheating and keep warm options, and a mid-cycle shake reminder. Now, you may wonder, which air cooker should I…, Best Cosori Air Fryer Reviews – Product Roundups. Finally, the Cosori offers a keep-warm function to keep food fresh in the event that dinner time is delayed. The air fryer automatically shuts off when you remove the basket or after three minutes of inactivity. I literally use this machine every single day to make meals for my family. As with other Cosori air fryers, you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature controls. Cosori’s 5.8-quart air fryer is a larger doppelganger of the 3.7-quart appliance. It allows you to fry, bake, grill, and roast with little to no oil. The Cosori air fryers are a bit more expensive than some other models, ranked in the mid- to upper-range in terms of price. Designed for users on multiple continents, the Cosori allows you to easily switch between Celcius (C) and Fahrenheit (F) temperature readings. Like its smaller counterpart, this Cosori air fryer hosts several unique features, including preheating and keep warm options, and a mid-cycle shake reminder. Temperatures range between 170 and 400 F. A shake reminder alarm tells you when it’s time to shake the contents of the frying basket. Rather than spreading themselves thin by creating dozens of product variations, the company has focused on producing just three types of quality air fryers. Another unique feature is the on-screen shake reminder, which tells you when to shake the contents of the frying basket for a more even fry. The capacity of the 5.8-quart fryers is also frequently commented on. Preheating takes 2 to 5 minutes and “visibly improves food texture” – allowing your French fries or other goodies to come out even crispier. An air fryer packed with unique features, including a shake reminder and optional Celcius temperature readings. It weighs 17.35 pounds. Find air fryers, toaster ovens, kettles, and a delicious collection of recipes to go with them. The Cosori 5.8-quart air cooker can be purchased in black, red, or white. Easy Cosori air fryer recipes you can make for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Rapid air circulation cooks your food more quickly than ovens and with a minuscule amount of oil compared to deep-fried foods. Note: Clicking the above links will take you to further information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon. The 5.5-quart air fryers are designed to cook 3 to 5 servings at a time. Which features will best suit your family? It has a temperature range of 170 to 400 F or 77 to 205 C and a cooking timer of 1 to 60 minutes. The LCD display is ergonomically positioned on the front of the machine, angled for easy reading. Users don’t mind, though, as they find Cosori air fryers to be “functionally better,” “a step above the standard model, and aesthetically pleasing. If so, please consider sharing your experience with others by leaving a detailed review below. Cosori Air Fryer Family Size Cosori CP158-AF 5.8-quart. Some users cite that the Cosori air fryers cook food more evenly than other air fryers they have used – for instance, all the French fries in the basket are crispy, not just the ones on the sides or top. Should I Buy an Air Fryer? The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook: The 75 Best... Air Fry Everything: Foolproof Recipes for Fried... Are Air Fryers Worth It? Air Fryers are all the rage right now!…, Buying an air fryer can be a challenge for first-time buyers. The best air fryer of 2020: Cosori, Ninja, Philips, Dash and more. Adults and kids love these easy one pot meals! Preheating option allows you to preheat frozen foods for 2 to 5 minutes for a crispier finish. Get free shipping for Cosori’s entire line of home cooking essentials. The 3.7-quart air fryer is designed to serve 2 to 3 people in a single cooking cycle. This air fryer was designed in California, USA to have the smallest possible countertop footprint. The touchscreen display rests flat against the front of the appliance. Many find the Cosori’s touchscreen display to be user-friendly. Cosori Premium Air Fryer CP137-AF • CP158-AF HEALTHY LITTLE TO NO OIL FREE FRYING - Cosori Air Fryer uses 360°Air Circulation Technology (rapid and even circulating heated air) to cut down 85% of fat than traditional frying methods. OUR PICK — COSORI 5.8QT Price: $119.99 Buy Now on Amazon. The air fryer is square in shape; the square frying basket packs more food capacity into a smaller space than similarly-sized round air cookers. Free 2-day shipping. The dimensions of the appliance are 12.2 by 11.7 by 12.6 inches. In case you were wondering, the air fryer runs on 120V and is safe for North American electrical outlets. Yes No, Commercials, infomercials, sales papers, reviews, and online advertisements – you’ve likely heard or seen ads touting what an air fryer can do. Cosori’s 5.8-quart air fryer is a larger doppelganger of the 3.7-quart appliance. Consider the following questions and features when shopping for your new favorite kitchen appliance. The air fryer also comes with a dual-layer rack and 5 skewers. To find out our picks for best air fryer we tested many popular models from Dash, Ninja, Cosori, PowerXL and others. Designed in California, COSORI premium air fryer toaster oven with 12 presets, toast, bagel, pizza, bake, roast, air fry, broil, cookies, Rotisserie, dehydrate, ferment and keep warm. The Cosori 3.7-quart air fryer comes in three colors: white, black, and red. Customer Service: • (888) 402-1684 Wholesale Inquiries: 1202 N Miller Street, Suite A, Anaheim, CA, 92806 ©2017-2020 Arovast Corporation. Buy Cosori Premium 5.8-Quart Air Fryer with Bonus Skewer Rack Set (Black) at This product weighs 12.78 pounds and has dimensions of 9.5 by 10 by 11.5 inches. The cooking basket is non-stick, dishwasher safe, and free of PFOA and BPA chemicals. Cosori’s product line is not expansive. The basket is dishwasher safe and FDA approved to be PFOA and BPA-free. The non-stick basket is PFOA-free and dishwasher safe. The air fryer’s temperature range is 170 to 400 F or 77 to 205 C. The air fryer also has a preheating function. The Cosori 3.7-quart air fryer also has 11 cooking presets, a 1 to 60-minute timer, and an automatic shutoff function. Overall, most users give the Cosori air fryers a “five-star” review! Healthy Choice: Food cooked in a Cosori air fryer contains up to 85% less fat than traditionally fried foods without losing the delicious tastes and crispy textures.

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