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The slugs will help the composting process in eating some of the material, excreting, and some dying thus being composted themselves. Your compost bin might be suffering because of the slugs that have worked their way inside. They can then be taken to a field, hedgerow or patch of waste ground well away from gardens, or killed in the freezer before being added to the compost heap or put in the bin Some birds, frogs, toads, hedgehogs, slow-worms and ground beetles eat slugs and these predators should be encouraged in … Fine Food. I just can't help it!! The slugs are attracted to the beer and will fall in and drown. I actually chuck any slugs I find into my compo bin as I can't bear to kill them lol Slugs and snails give me the willies! Houseflies that feed on garbage can visit your compost; houseflies do process waste, but also carry disease and invade homes. by Helen Slugs and sowbugs that hang out around the dark recesses of the compost area certainly might wander over to your strawberry or lettuce bed. Can you tell me what causes them & what can I do about them? Far better to accept them as part of your composting team. is this good or bad i have killed a few it feels like im protecting my plants from them all the time and now i might as well be breeding them, how do i kill them without damaging my compost. A compost bin will not hold them unless it is an air-tight one, and as pointed out by others they would just breed like billy-o in there. My other three bins don't have them. Simply click here to return to Worm Farming Questions. Will try though, but anyone who has ever seen me put my hand on a slug or snail by accident falls about with laughter at my reaction! Will my container planted seeds survive being flooded / heavy rain. Join in and write your own page! Just shake it on there like you would food and mix and repeat. My other three bins don't have them. Get My 560pg Revolution Complete Package Free, Join in and write your own page! Hey I notice some in my indoor worm bin very tiny baby slugs! Keeping the lawn trimmed and weeds under control gives them less to eat. How to multiply Your Worms over 100x in 90 Bays! (Caldwell Cnty., NC). Slugs are experts at breaking down organic matter, thus contributing to the process of decomposition. Home  Search This Site  Disclaimer Privacy Policy  Contact  SiteMap  Affiliate© Copyright 2010 - 2020 Worm Farming There are a number of slugs which do not have strong enough rasping parts (raddula, they do not have teeth, more like files) to eat fresh green material. Fill the cup with (cheap) beer to about a half inch from the top. They are all close to each other. They are sometimes hard to see because they usually come out at night or on rainy, moist and humid days. Throw them in a bucket of salt and water instead. For slugs, the compost bin is a perfect environment. They are all close to each other. I can't even bear to stand on them never mind picking them up! Thank you so much for your help. Still have questions? I have a small compost bin (1metre x 1 metre X 1.5 metres) in a suburban setting. It's a combination of iron phosphate and spinosad (a naturally occurring, soil dwelling bacterium). You can also pour salt around the outside of your pile to keep them from traveling! Thanks, I did wonder about the eggs, I have only put a few in there, I will destroy them from now on. If you don't want to use chemicals, try leaving it to nature and encourage predators into the garden. If you want to remove them, there is a product called Sluggo Plus that works well. Slugs on compost. From walking on Saturday evening in the rain, the little darlings range far and wide, so how did you get them to stay in the bin? It's likely there were eggs in lettuce. This can also be done with hedgehogs, if you can attract them. How do you think about the answers? Along with other detrivores, compost heap dwelling slugs are … Many if not all of the slugs one finds in Compost bins are not the kind which eat your green plants. Slugs can really ruin a garden because they eat away at seedlings and then can later on eat away at the roots. Attach copper strips around the base of your pots or compost bin. I have been putting any slugs I have found in my compost bin (from the council), is this a good idea ?? You should never use slug pellets or other pesticides in your compost because they will also kill other beneficial creatures that are vital to the composting process. Or cabbage. Dig a hole in the ground big enough to fit a plastic cup. You can put down jars of beer, mostly-buried so the slugs can get in Slugs love beer, but won't be able (or perhaps willing) to get back out of the jar. Add salt like the other guy said and it wont hurt a thing. Still, if you feel your slug population is getting out of hand, here are a couple solutions that don't require pesticides or chemicals: 1. They most likely got in through food that had slug eggs on it. It's easy to do. Can Marijuana seeds still grow if you poop them out? How? You don't want to spread the eggs around your vegetables. Recently, I lifted the lid to see an infestation of slugs - really huge fat ones - munching on my kitchen scraps. I've seen eggs and bug nests at the base of lettuce befor especially organic. Just don't let them get near your plants! 2020's Largest, in-color Worm Farming Book to-date. This is an cheap and easy remedy. You can purchase a 2 1/2 lb container for approximately $26.00. I'm really puzzled by this. It's not bad but it may indicate that you're not turning the compost often enough or it's too wet. The rim of the cup should be at ground level. Always thank people who have helped you immediately, as they may not be around to thank later. 2. An ornamental solution is to keep ducks, if you have the space.

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