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Gull lake is located in central Alberta it’s close to Rimbey, Red Deer and Edmonton and is part of Aspen Beach Provincial Park. Like with most lakes ice fishing your more productive times will be towards evening just around sunset. Dean Kolody 2. However, rivers like the North Ram receive very high fishing pressure on the weekends, and the fish get a little more wary. We recommend starting your day as early as possible to be sure you are fishing water that has not yet been spooked or waded through. Wherever you may want to go fishing, I will make it happen! So if you like to bushwhack, these creeks are for you. And believe me, it takes lots of search and exploration to find where those good spot are. Rockies Heli Canada Learn more. Check out Brian and Phil's New Fly Fishing App!...click on the banner above to head over to the Brian Chan's and Phil Rowley's App! Kevin Cucheron 3. Discover a peaceful and enjoyable nature experience at this small campground area. Mike Briggs  3.Mauricio Soto - Total Fish - 154, #7 - AB Stillwater Ch. Hiking a ways from primary access points will also improve you chance at catching the large Cutties in these Rivers. Follow us on social media and keep up-to-date with Canada's fishing and hunting authority. Call Bob Vanderwater 403. Gaby Roy  2. A Gigantic Red Deer River Walleye . This lake is probably not the best spot to get lots of consistent perch. Burnstick Lake offers something for everyone, … Anyone fishing ahead of you can put the fish off for several hours as they move through the silty bottom. Quick and easy entry fee payment to reserve your spot in an upcoming event. State of Alberta's Trout: Bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus), Fly-Fishing in the Selfie Era: A reminder about Proper Fish Handling. Although they aren’t found in the abundance they used to be. And keep up-to-date with Canada's fishing and hunting authority! As for access, we don’t want to have dedicated old timers sending us hate mail because we gave away all the good spots. More Info: www.fiseworldedmonton.com; www.lunkers.ca. It is equally as hard to move around on the banks, for the same reasons. Also happening in the middle of town this September is the Edmonton leg of the Festival International des Sports Extrêmes (FISE), an international series of competitions for gravity-defying skateboard, BMX and mountain bike riders. Skip Navigation Links Environment and Parks > My Wild Alberta > Fishing > Fish Stocking > Stocking Maps. Many anglers would agree that a fine way to end a day of trout fishing is by sampling some fine spirits. This glacier-fed waterway is home to a variety of gamefish, including nice pike, trophy walleye and sturgeon that are measured in feet, not inches. Below the dam, there is good fishing for Brown Trout, and this tailwater fishery (which borrowed brown trout from the Bow River, genetically speaking) has been steadily improving since its creation in 1992 . Jason Doucette , 2. With the support of good people we have hosted 5 years of successful competition, helping to increase the knowledge and skills of Alberta fly anglers. You have a more likely chance of spending your time figuring out the labyrinth of trees and willows, untangling your snags, cursing and sweating at the phantom brown trout and feeling paranoid of stepping on a twig than you do of actually catching anything. Central Alberta Fishing Adventures. Change your fly. Power is also included with these Luxury Rentals you can charge your devices, throw something on the TV for the kids to keep them out of your hair etc. Jason Doucette, 3. This lake is available pretty much all year round there are few short closures at the beginning of winter and the end. Information on the spring creeks of central alberta, including the North Raven River (stauffer creek), Dogpound Creek, Fallentimber Creek, Little Red Deer River, and more. The North Raven River is perhaps the finest and most well noted of these spring creeks because of the high quantity of truly monster brown trout and crystal clear water. This expert gear tip will help keep giant toothy critters on the line. Located in a converted cinema, this craft distillery produces limited batches of whisky, vodka and gin using local grains and traditional methods, and the results have been piling up awards at a shocking pace. There are several boat launches spread around gull lake. More Info: www.albertabmc.com; www.bowrivercanada.com. Earn points on your way to the gold medal and our Annual Championship event. You’ve heard of farm-to-table dining? Subscribe and get Post notifications, monthly river reports, and much more! Starting in June, good hatches of Caddis, Drakes, and PMD’s will keep snouts popping out of the water. Over 100 spacious sites, including some with power, waterfront and pull-through sites. Blue Fish Radio: What Canada’s new Fisheries Act means for anglers ... 4 Funky Fishing Spots in Alberta for Trout, Pike, Walleye and Even Sturgeon. While both of these Rivers offer decent fishing- for Cutthroat and Rainbows in the N. Saskatchewan, and Brown Trout in the Red Deer- it is the tributaries of both where the best fishing can be found. Stocking Maps . Spring is a great time to fish these streams because they will be low and clear while everything else is high and muddy. Check back often to see the latest news and information for Canadian anglers and hunters. Burbot are present in the lake. These rivers are freestone mountain-fed rivers with good fishing for cutthroat trout and rainbows, and Bull Trout in certain rivers. A combination of highways and Foresty Roads will give you access to this region. The time is a great time to catch Pike and the walleye bite is starting to turn on . With the support of good people we have hosted  5 years of successful competition, helping to increase the knowledge and skills of Alberta fly anglers. But be warned: this creek guards itself, and can be absolutely maddening to fish. The main stem of the Red Deer can be split into two distinct fisheries; above the Dickson Dam, and Below. Dean Kolody  - Total Fish - 100, #6 - AB River Championship -1. - 1. The town has a small, friendly population and is more active in the summer months. Its the tributaries where the fishing gets fun; where you can hack and slash away until you make it to the next pool and you can be pretty confident its going to have a hungry fish waiting for you. There are some different land-use rules on these creeks and some very unaccommodating people. It can also be the most maddening. If it’s your first time at this lake this could be a very good option so you don’t get skunked. And while many anglers head upstream or downstream of the city in boats, there’s also good shore fishing right in town. Vancouver has a multitude of saltwater fishing spots available to anglers. Spring is a great time to fish these streams because they will be low and clear while everything else is high and muddy. Michael Reilly  3. Some creeks, like Dogpound Creek, Stauffer Creek, and Prairie Creek, it is almost impossible to cast because of the dense brush and willows that line the banks. If this is the case, a deep nymph will give you a better shot at catching these fish. Click to view dozens of lake information regarding Catch & Release, Walleye, Northern Pike, Whitefish, Perch, Trout & Goldeye fishing Alberta Lakes - Fishing Reports - Click on the name of the waterbody for a detailed history and personal reports. If you aren’t having any luck, try heading up there to hone your skills on smaller fish. After you hang up your waders for the day, be sure to head into Turner Valley for a tour and tasting at the Eau Claire Distillery (above). I’ve had run ins with some lunatics in this area; better be safe then sorry. Lake Whitefish are also found in the lake. Try a jig head with minnow attached. You can also access the FTR from Hwy 11 near Nordegg. Everyone is welcome. - How can this experience help me? ... Gull lake is located in central Alberta it’s close to Rimbey, Red Deer and Edmonton and is part of Aspen Beach Provincial Park.

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