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Add Ice, White Rum, Pineapple Juice, Mango Juice, Lime Cordial, Blue Curacao, and Lemon Juice to a Highball Glass. gin, 1 oz. Before serving, garnish the drink with a lemon wheel. They’re always bluey-green and strangely appealing. Add Ice, Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Cranberry Juice to a Cocktail Glass. Iseo Blue Curacao costs £9.95 for a 70cl bottle, which works out at £14.21 per liter. Learn how your comment data is processed. What is a Blue Marlin made out of? light rum, 1/2 oz. Serve immediately. All Rights Reserved. oz.Pineapple juice, ½ fl. In my mind, it's the perfect liqueur to star in a summer cocktail, although I'll admit I drink it all year round in some of these fabulous cocktails. Also, contrary to popular belief, before the late 17th century, pirates used to drink Spanish wine, not rum. Strain it in a chilled champagne flute or wine glass, and top the drink off with champagne. oz.Lemon juice, ½ fl. © 2020 The Absolut Company. How to Make a Pink Squirrel Drink at Home That Tastes Perfect, 10 Popular Peach Schnapps Mixed Drink Recipes That’ll Leave You Sated, Check Out These Whole Milk Substitute Options, Here’s How to Make Coffee Without a Filter. A classic with a retro peach schnapps twist. oz. Really nice idea. Garnish with a slice of lemon, and a slice of lime. Just one sip of this mermaid cocktail will have you flipping your tail in glee! And as far as the taste is concerned, you’re going to have to make these drinks in order to find out. Place all of the ingredients together with ice into a cocktail shaker. YUM! Great list of drinks using Blue Curacao! Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! FIND OUT MORE! curaçao drinks are not only stunning but also delicious, with recipes that will quench your thirst for awesome year-round — not just during summertime! Garnish with a lime wedge and serve. The Volare Blue Curacao is £13.04, but that’s for a 70cl bottle. Add Ice, Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lime Juice, and Ginger Beer to your cocktail shaker. Add Ice, White Rum, Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Pineapple Juice to a Highball Glass. Add Ice, Tequila, Creme De Cacau, Blue Curacao, and Cream to your cocktail shaker. oz.Ice cubesLemon wedge or twist, garnishDirectionsIn a cocktail shaker, combine rum and liqueur properly. Then comes Iseo. The taste has a citrus flavor to it, which is why it's so refreshing to drink. oz.Light rum, ½ fl. Add Ice, Pineapple Rum, Blue Curacao, and Pineapple Juice to your cocktail shaker. Add Ice, Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Lemonade to your cocktail shaker. Add Ice, Orange Juice, Blue Curacao, White Rum, Lemon Juice, and Champagne to your cocktail shaker. Don't have a favorite recipe, but if it's blue, it's fun & yummy! oz.Velvet Falernum, ¾ fl. Cointreau is less sweet, while Grand Marnier is closest in taste to curaçao because both are sweetened and distilled in brandy. The only way to find out was to taste it, which I did very gingerly. Who said blue drinks are only for summer? oz. Not familiar with the topic of the lens, but enjoyed learning about it. Banana liqueur, ¾ fl. My favorite was the Midnight Kiss! Said it tasted fabulous. Click here to jump directly to our Cocktail List. This is Rainbow week on Squidoo and this is one of my favorite blue things. A blue cocktail is a paradise in a glass. When making the curaçao liqueur, the laraha peel is dried. lol. IngredientsSprite, 2 fl. Depending on whom you’re serving the drinks to, experiment with the recipes so that you can enjoy these colorful and tasty cocktails. It’s easy to make with Powerade, blue curaçao, and ice. looks taste good :-) my son asking when can try it. Midnight Kiss. We’ve written up a pretty detailed comparison guide about Cocktail Shaker Sets where we recommend: A lot of the cocktails on our list have lemon, lime or orange juice as an ingredient. Blue Curaçao is blue colored, slightly bitter orange-flavored liqueur used in popular blue cocktails like the Blue Hawaiian, Blue Bird and many other delicious cocktails. Shake vigorously and strain the drink into the glass before serving. Diana Grant from London on July 23, 2015: Just clearing out my alcohol cupboard and came across something blue in a plastic bottle. lime juice, salt, garnish: lime wedge, 1 oz. Add Ice, Tequila, Blue Curacao, and Lime Juice to a Margarita Glass. Totally agree, with it one of our most used cocktail ingredients - makes the cocktails really stand out. Add water and ice and pulse until combined. That list is a great selection of Blue Curacao, but which is the best to use? As you read through our 15 recipes, you will see how quickly the drinks can be prepared. Curaçao is an orange-flavored liqueur. oz.Ice cubesDirectionsFill a rocks glass with ice cubes. Blue Curacao is an underrated liquor, great lens! oz.Blue Curaçao, ½ fl. IngredientsBlue Curaçao, ½ fl. Let's look at how curacao is made and ten fantastic cocktails that you can make with it that are sure to impress your guests. © ThatCocktail 2020. This Blue Hawaiian cocktail is a fulll-on tropical experience, made with two kinds of rum, blue curaçao, pinapple juice, and cream of coconut. It’s easy to make with Powerade, blue curaçao, and ice. How did the Indianapolis cocktail get the name ?? oz.Blue Curaçao, 1 fl. oz.Blue Curaçao, ½ fl. Add Ice, Vodka, Apple Juice, and Blue Curacao to a Highball Glass. Love these, Blue is such a good colour for cocktails.. Lou165 (author) from Australia on January 18, 2013: Shake all of the ingredients together with ice and strain into a glass to serve. Turqs & Cocos is one of our signature cocktails made by a local bartender on Curaçao. Make Better Cocktails Faster and Easier, 4. Can't wait to try. Fill glass with ice. This cocktail is easy to make and consists of only 2 ingredients. Get a piece of relaxation is just 3 steps. or just a drink for a special evening for two. Garnish with a slice of orange, and a Maraschnio cherry. This vibrant blue drink is extra sultry with a lick of ravishing red at the bottom. Add Ice, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, Vodka, and Sprite to a Highball Glass. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. blue curaçao, lemonade, 1/2 oz. Blue Hawaii is perhaps one of the most popular cocktail drinks that uses these two primary ingredients. oz.Peach schnapps, ½ fl. Don't drink too many of these—the name says it all. Stir... 2. These cookies do not store any personal information. Add pineapple juice and stir well. IngredientsSpiced rum, 1 fl. Firstly, for making cocktails with Blue Curacao, it shouldn’t be too expensive. Our List of Cocktails with Blue Curacao, We’ve written up a pretty detailed comparison guide about Cocktail Shaker Sets where we recommend, list of over 100 cocktail recipes for you to try. I got ya covered! Neither the soil or climate were suited to grow oranges, and the original Valencia oranges evolved into the laraha. This works out at £20 per liter. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. triple sec, 1 oz. Shark Bite Drink - A Bloody Good Cocktail! Lemon Drop Mermaid Cocktail Recipe That Will Flip Your Tail. Add Ice, Raspberry Vodka, Creme De Cacau, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, and Lime Juice to a Cocktail Glass. GramaBarb from Vancouver on October 05, 2013: So perfect running across your lens today as I just found a bottle while cleaning out the liquor closet and was wonder what festive drinks I might make this weekend! Now I have a beautiful home in Europe, a happy family, and - best of all - a life I wake up excited to live every day. Add Ice, Vodka, Coconut Water, Blue Curacao, and Cranberry Juice to your cocktail shaker. Cocktails with Blue Curacao always look the coolest, don’t you think? Those deserve a special place on this list. Cynthia Davis from Pittsburgh on February 02, 2012: I'm also a big fan of the Blue Lagoon cocktail. Oh dear, looks like I will have to conduct my own taste test... such is life! Jeremy Richmond from Hubbard on August 31, 2012: There is a drink at a local bar here that is just like a long island, they just substitute the cola for Curacao, great lens!

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