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Both series: Will Scarlet/The Knave of Hearts • Cinderella/Ashley Boyd • Robin Hood • Little John • Friar Tuck • Grumpy/Leroy • Cora/The Queen of Hearts • Caterpillar • Maleficent • Jafar • Dr. Lydgate, Season Two: "Broken" • "We Are Both" • "Lady of the Lake" • "The Crocodile" • "The Doctor" • "Tallahassee" • "Child of the Moon" • "Into the Deep" • "Queen of Hearts" • "The Cricket Game" • "The Outsider" • "In the Name of the Brother" • "Tiny" • "Manhattan" • "The Queen Is Dead" • "The Miller's Daughter" • "Welcome to Storybrooke" • "Selfless, Brave and True" • "Lacey" • "The Evil Queen" • "Second Star to the Right" • "And Straight On 'Til Morning" To divert the attention away from her real identity, The black coat worn by Fiona when she's the mayor of. The Evil fairy from the Gabrielle Susanne Bardot de Villeneuve fairytale Beauty and the Beast Slender, tall, fair skin, red lips, long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes She summons a giant spider to kill Emma, and just as her life essence begins to fade, she uses Gideon to create a portal. She offers to side with Zelena, noting that she seems alone in the town, though Zelena adamantly refuses. Only while flying does she appear as the traditional ball of light. Inspiration Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Heading to the hospital where she finds a torn-up Emma, she banks on Henry's injuries to prevent Emma from believing, claiming Henry is acting delusional. Heartsick with grief, Malcolm begrudges his son for being the reason that Fiona is gone and bitterly gives him the name Rumplestiltskin. Portrayed by She reveals it was easier to let him hate her, until they were reunited. Despite being stuck, she is able to rip open portals long enough to kidnap children, before she is sent back. • "Homecoming" • "Leaving Storybrooke", Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: "Down the Rabbit Hole" • "Trust Me" • "Forget Me Not" • "The Serpent" • "Heart of Stone" • "Who's Alice?" She however discovers Emma's return to the town who, despite her best efforts, still retains some belief. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On the 2008 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade special on ABC, Disney announced that a Tinker Bell float would be added to the classic Disney's Electrical Parade at Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort, the first new float to be added in decades. Last week, Disney announced that Halle Bailey, a black actress and R&B singer, will play Ariel in the upcoming film, which is slated to begin production in early 2020. Source, Malcolm † (separated husband)Rumplestiltskin † (son)Milah † (ex-daughter-in-law)Belle † (daughter-in-law)Baelfire/Neal Cassidy † (grandson)Gideon (grandson)Henry Mills (great-grandson)Cinderella (great-granddaughter-in-law)Lucy (great-great-granddaughter), FlightSize ManipulationTelekinesisImmortalityFlightLimited Portal CreationHeart-RemovalTeleportationSharing VisionsResistanceTransformationShapeshiftingSpell-castingEnergy BlastDark Magic. She is banished and her wand is taken by the Blue Fairy. She pleads with him, arguing of all the sacrifices she made to protect him, ensuring his survival and their reunion. It was Christmas, my two young bi-racial nieces were in town for Christmas and we decided to all go see Disney’s new Princess & the Frog movie. She is mentioned by Wendy and the rest of the Lost Boys to Fireflyer, a silly blue fairy, who when he reaches the top of Neverpeak, makes the wish to meet her. She arrives to kidnap the infant, but is immobilized by Rumplestiltskin's squid ink, causing her to freeze. Gold then vows to return his son's heart, only for the Black Fairy to threaten him in return, though he is unaffected. She is unmatched at what she does as a fairy and takes great pride in it. Disguising herself as Snow and having Gideon to disguise himself as David, the pair wait with everyone for Mother Superior to regain consciousness. Season Four: Anna • Kristoff • Hans • Grand Pabbie • Sven • Ursula the Sea Witch • Marshmallow • Little Bo Peep • The Apprentice • Ingrid • Lily Page • Colette • Oaken • King of Arendelle • Queen Gerda • Cruella De Vil • Poseidon • Duke of Weselton • Hans' Brothers • Chernabog • King Stefan • Isaac/The Author • Madeline • Merlin/The Sorcerer She then releases a powerful blast from the crystals and teleports Zelena and Regina out of the mines. Deceased Long ago, the Black Fairy met a man named Malcolm and gave birth to a son whom she later abandoned without even naming. Immortality: Like all fairies the Black … Dark brown "The Thing You Love Most[1]" It was déjà vu all over again for me. The Black Fairy threatens Mother Superior, though she still refuses to talk, and so instead uses tools to extract the information from her mind. She snags Emma's heart, though finds she is unable to crush it, to her confusion. Madame Mayor However, the portal instead brings a massive spider through, which ties Emma up in its web as Gideon teleports away. The new European data protection law requires us to inform you of the following before you use our website: We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. ("Awake"), Sometime after finding a growing cache of light fairy crystals in the dwarf tunnels, the Black Fairy forms a plan to lure Zelena there and use the witch's magic to turn the crystals into dark crystals so she can start the final battle. In the 1924 film, Tinker Bell was played by Virginia Browne Faire. Emma refuses out of reluctance to crush Henry's feelings and reasons that she isn't ready, to which Fiona allows Dr. Hopper to hold onto the book until then. In order to test his loyalty, the Black Fairy conducts a test. Mayor of Storybrooke (briefly) Gideon (unwillingly; formerly) She and Gideon then head to the well, where they witness through a crystal ball, the heroes attempt to wake Mother Superior so they can use a fragmented piece of a wand to destroy her.

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