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Hi Daniel! Hi Alison, Thanks so much for your help, Allison! Hi there! TIP: Just be sure to check with your federal customs and quarantine agencies that the edible food items can be brought back with you. Ticino’s natural beauty goes to show that every corner of Switzerland is heaven upon earth, I have concluded that everywhere you go in this beautiful country you’ll be guaranteed to have your breath taken away! Sorry to say this itinerary isn’t a tour package – it’s an itinerary I personally created myself and undertook in Switzerland. Keep in mind, the closer the hotel is to Lake Geneva, the pricer it is! I’ve written up this itinerary for 10 days in Switzerland, as well as suggestions for how to modify the itinerary if you have more or less time. Moving the from the rolling hills of the Emmental Valley to one of the highest points in Switzerland, Jungfraujoch. Hi, as a local guy from Switzerland I can tell you, to better stay lucerne and interlaken, and NOT bern. 12 Top Things To Do In 3 Days In Switzerland 1. In addition to offering downhill skiing trails so highly regarded that the town has hosted the Olympics twice, St. Moritz features excellent spots for cross-country skiing, sledding and winter hikes. It has great waterfall views and a super convenient location. Switzerland is home to four official languages spoken in different regions, or cantons. Geneva-Montreux-Lucern-Lauterbrunnen-zermatt-Geneva. Thanks so much Chelsea! Zurich is a cosmopolitan financial center, a foodie haven and a romantic European city that appeals to all types of travelers. There are also flex tickets where you can travel 3, 4, 8, or 15 days of your choice within a one-month period if you’re more into slow travel. No backpacks, hostels or 5-star hotels! If you only have 4 days I would personally concentrate on Lauterbrunnen, Luzern, and Zermatt. which month will be better May/June or September.? Bern. We took a nice road trip around the country and checked out various types of accommodations. I would recommend basing yourself in 2 cities if you have only 5 days and doing day trips. Italy's Lake Como is a stone's throw from Lugano (in fact, the Bernina Express bus drives right alongside it) — and Milan is not much farther. Departure from Geneva airport at 5pm local time. I stayed at the Montreux Youthhostel. Grindelwald & Interlaken: No time for a proper stop in Interlaken on your Switzerland trip? … We have a bunch of different shell jackets after several years, but my favorite right now is from Arc’teryx. Really detailed information for travelling to Switzerland in winter for first timers like myself. How to see Switzerland’s Beautiful Places? 3. Relax at Pilatus Kulm for drinks on the deck chairs overlooking Lucerne and the Alps below, 4 Days in Prague Itinerary: Complete Guide for First-Timers, Why Damme, Belgium is the Perfect Day Trip from Bruges, Planning a Switzerland itinerary: Things to know before you go. 2. I stayed during the winter months so the lack of cool air conditioning was no bother. I think you should charge a fee for assisting people with planning beyond a few simple suggestions. The cost per night, location, reviews and amenities are comparable to Best Western Hotel Bern so I recommend to stay there instead. We will be disembarking from a river cruise on May 13 in Basel. During the winter months, Thun is a great place to be based if Interlaken and Grindelwald are full with only 1.5 hour’s drive or train to some of Switzerland’s most prized mountains. To see a full breakdown of ticket choices and prices, check out options here. Cost: Adult 2nd class, CHF 75.00 return with Swiss Half Fare Card or free with the Swiss Travel Pass. To connect Luzern and Lugano, follow the Gotthard Panorama Express route, but don't spend extra for the official tourist package-trip. Otherwise I’d say by all means go for it Happy travels! It would be such a shame to have your Swiss goodies confiscated by quarantine on your return home! Based on my route and your stops I’d recommend Geneva-Lauterbrunnen-Lucerne-Zermatt-Geneva. As I visited Interlaken as a day trip from Bern, I didn’t spend the night. NOTE: This summary of things to do is part of my in-depth one day in Zurich itinerary!

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