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New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LetsTalkMusic community. –2000s It’s a hard life as a Smiffer and has been ever since Morrissey shot himself in the foot by calling a song Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, which gave the ignorant masses just the ammunition they needed. I went bowling last night and they played How Soon Is Now? –2010s Still a solid album though. Featuring two of their most essential non-album singles (‘William, It Was Really Nothing’, ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’), their equally-impressive B-sides (‘Girl Afraid’, ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’) and a slew of radio session recordings that arguably outdo the originals, it captures the essence of the band better than ‘The Smiths’ and contains a stronger lineup of songs than ‘Meat Is Murder’. He avoided cliches like solos and power chords in favour of intricate arpeggios and jangling rhythms. The Smiths Greatest Hits. I can’t listen to The Smiths every day – it’s bad for my mental health (seriously) but when I meet a fellow fan all these years later I am both delighted and mystified: I thought it was just me these songs struck a chord with. The songs are great - arguably the best of any Smiths studio album, with no filler - but the production, arrangements and performances suck all the life out of them. 5. Johnny Marr was bang on the money when he described it as having “an overloading ‘Smiths-ness’ to it” – this is the album that gives everyone what they want, and from the incendiary rush of the title track, through to the self-deprecating wink of ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ and the evergreen brilliance of ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’, it is more than simply a collection of wonderful songs, it is the work of a very special band operating in excelsis. These days, I have “Hatful of Hollow” and “Louder Than Bombs” together as a Smiths playlist, and that meets my needs, completely! First of all, let’s celebrate that we all love The Smiths :) I feel you should pick whatever album is your favorite. As always, there are plenty of literate and jangly songs like ‘The Boy With The Thorn In His Side’ and ‘Cemetery Gates’. The Queen Is Dead It is typically perverse of Morrissey that while in Paint a Vulgar Picture he sneers at record companies for milking the fans with extra product, The Smiths were issuing compilations when they were only just out of nappies. Morrissey was something different altogether: icy, acid of wit, and foreign in nearly every regard. It’s certainly their most adventurous: three years after Smiths fans went into an uproar over the presence of keyboards on their debut, here they were dabbling with saxophones (‘I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish’), autoharps (‘I Won’t Share You’) and unashamedly grandiose orchestration (‘Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me’). 1984The Smiths followed their debut with a compilation that collected their non-album singles and BBC sessions. Best Smiths Album picture sleeve: General Discussion archive 2003 (read-only) 8: Nov 3, 2003: J 'Louder Than Bombs' Is this The Smiths best album? Compared to the singles / BBC (Hatful) versions of the same songs, or the rejected Troy Tate sessions, the s/t album versions are tepid elevator music. The Smiths all songs. Now that really would be a difficult one. 3. The smiths and Strangeways are excellent. They’re really good but not so much at actually committing stuff to tape. General Discussion archive 2003 (read-only) 16: Aug 27, 2003: R: smiths-smiths album is the best one: General Discussion archive 2003 (read-only) 3: Jan 10, 2003: S: Best Smiths + Moz Album? Suedehead However, I didn’t give my own list, which is very different from yours. "Still Ill" is okay but I can't seem to get pass Morrissey's wailing on "Miserable Lie". Great list. I do agree that musically they had aged However by the Queen is Dead. The songs are great - arguably the best of any Smiths studio album, with no filler - but the production, arrangements and performances suck all the life out of them. I ended up listening to this album almost solely for around 3 months and honestly there are very few albums I prefer now. Their legacy continued, in varying degrees, in Morrissey's solo career and the string of artists (Modest Mouse, Pet Shop Boys, the Pretenders) Marr has aligned himself with since the Smiths' breakup in 1987. Meat Is Murder is classic, The Smiths debut is great, Strangeways, Here We Come is great. The Countdown starts here. This was a very good band. What I didn’t like about the debut -and yes, it is the album I like least, sorry- is the shoddy production. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. compilation Singles was my first Smiths album too – I still have it, even though I have almost all of their albums on CD. Well, despite containing one of the all-time great album openers in the shape of ‘The Headmaster Ritual’, it doesn’t flow particularly well – if I’m being brutally honest, ‘Barbarism Begins at Home’ is something of a drag, and I’ve never much cared for ‘Nowhere Fast’ – nor does it feel like enough of a progression from their debut to warrant placing it above that record. Still, ‘Meat Is Murder’ is at the bottom of this list only because something had to be. Suffer Little Children Troy Tate is far superior to the album version. Duh, I just looked at your link and see not only did you post a Steely Dan one, but I actually commented on it. Of course this comes to personal opinion, but I'd love to hear your thoughts! Five years and four almost flawless studio albums have spoiled Smiths fans, with many a debate breaking out over which of these deserves the crowning title of ultimate Smiths album. The intensity of the first one now pushes it a little way down the list for me and my number one would be Strangeways, with those deliciously bitchy songs about ageing people and dead stars. 1987The Smiths released two singles compilations in 1987 – Louder Than Bombs is an American compilation that collects the band’s non-album singles and b-sides from 1983 to 1987. I was too young to be into them at the time, and I’ve never obsessed about them. The Smiths full albums. What do you think of the Smiths albums? 1986The Smiths peaked on their third studio album The Queen is Dead. Of course, the same could be said of every other album in this slight but unforgettable discography. 3. So, what’s wrong with it? That track listing on a summers day just makes you want to walk around town swinging your gladioli. Didn't Morrissey say he would burn at the stake for their debut? I would have put Meat Is Murder in 3rd (behind your Top 2, with which I completely agree) and Strangeways as the last one. –1960s Meat is Murder. –1980s Even their last one, 1987's Strangeways, Here We Come, shaded its songs in some new colors that hinted at promising directions for a future that never came. every member has "their" song and distinct moments, and when it comes together it just works perfectly in the most uniquely sounding ways, hatful of hollow is also the best comp album i've ever heard from any band ever. That said, Suffer Little Children, I Don’t Owe You Anything and Pretty Girls Make Graves are some of my favourite Smiths tracks even now.

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